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Apr 9, 1982, 9:39:12 AM4/9/82

First off , my thanks to Ken for providing us with 5.2.
I have but one flame. It seems that a lot of the gold at lower levels,
particularly any dropped by Leprechauns, 1. produces no message when picked up
and 2. reduces ones amount of gold on hand. Is this negative (Anti-) gold
a bug or a new (mis-) feature ? Since gold is the basis of the recorded high
score it is real annoying to make it down to level 25 and find you have less
gold than someone who only make it to 12. This combined with the new method
of posting scores almost insures that ones best games will never be posted.
I tend to think this must be a bug since there is no 'you purse
feels lighter' message and nothing in the new documentation about gold eating
gremlins hiding in gold pots(Pot-Men?). If not, come-on Ken, don't we have
enough taxes in real (?) life.

Tom Neuendorffer
(a.k.a. Sir Sidney Fudd)
U. of Pgh. (...!duke!mcnc!IDIS!tom)

P.S. Any fellow Firesign Theater freaks out there in Netland?

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