UNIX Futures (really SysV Rogue)

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Mar 15, 1986, 7:26:37 PM3/15/86
In article <2...@hadron.UUCP> js...@hadron.UUCP (Joseph S. D. Yao) writes:
>We're running the Software Toolchest's version of Rogue on
>System V. I like it some better than the PD version, altho
>it seems somewhat harder. (I.e., I die earlier.)
> Joe Yao hadron!jsdy@seismo.{CSS.GOV,ARPA,UUCP}

<include standard disclaimers, plus any optional ones available under SVR2.)
It's a good version, and the AT&T people who upgraded it did a good
job, but I think it was kind of tacky to charge money for ia, unless
they're giving the original Rogue authors a royalty (maybe they are?)

# Bill Stewart, AT&T Bell Labs 2G-202, Holmdel NJ 1-201-949-0705 ihnp4!ho95c!wcs

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