bugs in rogue 5.3 with 4.2 BSD unix (Minor spoiler)

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Tim Stoehr

Mar 17, 1986, 6:43:37 PM3/17/86

> 1. Who maintains this and is he/she aware of these problems?
> 2. Is it likely to be fixed?

Everyone whose ever played the game is aware of the problem.
Remember, only bugs that
help you win will be fixed. At ANY time, rogue 5.3 can die on you,
or otherwise terminate your game with some bug. Remember, rogue is
designed to prevent you from winning, period. With that in mind,
where's the incentive to fix this type of bug? Or should I say feature?

Your inventory problem sounds like the infamous nymph bug.

Below is a list of some game-ending bugs and how to avoid them:

1.) Nymph bug

Don't let a nymph take something from you. If it's an item
that condenses in your inventory, (3 scrolls of ...), and you
have more than one, then your inventory data base gets fatally
corrupted, I've never been able to recover from this. Some people
claim this bug happens whenever a nymph steals anything. Nymphs may
be safely fought by dropping everything except the armor that
your wearing and the weapon that your wielding. They won't take
these. Standing back and launching weapons works great, just don't
fall down a trap-door after you drop all your goodies. BUT

2.) Fly-trap bug

Never teleport, or drop down to the next level, while being
held by a fly-trap. Oh yeah, and don't teleport it away with
a wand of teleport. You will be eternally held with no means
of defeating the fly-trap that is holding you. This is a
simple oversight of rogue's author in failing to clear a
flag when you escape from the arms of a fly-trap by any
means other than defeating it.

3.) Save-game bug

Everybody runs into this now and then, when you least expect
it, the game saves itself and quits. Attempts to restore the
game immediately result in the game saving itself again.
The chances of this happening seem to be greater in games
that have been been legitimately saved and restored. There is
nothing you can do to avoid this bug. You can possibly reduce
its frequency by saving as few games as possible.

Tom Tedrick

Mar 18, 1986, 2:15:57 PM3/18/86
> [ ... ] Nymphs may

> be safely fought by dropping everything except the armor that
> your wearing and the weapon that your wielding. They won't take
> these.

The rings you are wearing are also safe.

Well, I hate to mention this for fear it will be fixed, but noone
has mentioned the bug about identifying wands/staffs yet ...

Also, has anyone noticed that "naturally" enchanted leather armor
is safe from aquators, while if you enchant it with scrolls of
enchant armor it isn't safe (ie if you find +3 leather armor
lying around you can wear it and aquators won't harm it, while
if you find +0 leather armor and enchant it aquators will do
it harm).

I wonder what happens if you enchant "naturally enchanted"
leather armor.


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