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rouge-new versions

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Mark E. Sunderlin

Feb 20, 1986, 1:02:41 PM2/20/86
I just read the new rogue magazine, and BOY am I out of date!
I am running rogue vsion 2.6!!!!!!!. Anyone know where I
can get the source to a newer(est) version?
I'm hoping the newwer versions will clear up a lot of the
bugs I was going to ask for help on.
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Camille Goudeseune

Mar 9, 1986, 5:00:18 PM3/9/86
In article <3...@chinet.UUCP> mega...@chinet.UUCP (Mark E. Sunderlin) writes:
>Subject: rouge-new versions

So I'm not the only one in the world who tends to type "rouge" instead of
"rogue"! :-)

-- Camille.

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