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Jul 30, 1983, 7:54:34 PM7/30/83
Well, in the past few months I've seen a lot of discussion
on a number of topics on the net. I think it might be
interesting to survey the net community to find out your
opinions on a few of these subjects. Therefore, take
a few moments to answer the following questions and
MAIL the answers to me. I will summarize the results
to in 2 or 3 weeks.

1) Discussion has been going on in about whether
the person posting a news article should pay for the
cost of the article, or if we should even go to some
form of company or corporation to provide Usenet as
a regulated, chargeable service. Which do you prefer:
a) leave Usenet as is currently
b) charge-back individuals
c) Usenet, Inc. as a service
d) none of the above

2) Usenet statistics have been posted indicating usage per site and
individual. We have also seen a lot of articles by various
people. Please make three nominations in each category for:
a) biggest jerk using Usenet
b) most interesting contributor to Usenet
c) site you'd most like to see removed from the net
d) most entertaining newsgroup

3) Some people hate signature files (like mine). Which user
out there has the most useless/annoying signature that
they use in their news?

4) Are you in favor of moderated digests on Usenet instead of
the current format? (To be applied to only a few groups).

I will summarize the results without any site or user info
included. Please keep your answers brief. Send them to me
through any of the network addresses listed below.
If this works out well, maybe we can try some other surveys.
Then again, maybe not.

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