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Looking For Telebit Trailblazer Users

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Carl S. Gutekunst

Sep 23, 1986, 4:15:21 AM9/23/86
I'd like to set up UUCP links to any sites that meet the following criterea:

- You've got a Telebit Trailblazer or DCA Fastlink modem;

- You're running a version of UUCP that supports the 'f' protocol (including
4.3bsd UUCP, OSx 3.1, and European UUCP);

- Your box can correctly do hardware RTS/CTS full duplex handshaking;

- Your SA or resident guru is experinced at datacomm (I don't want to have to
explain what RTS/CTS handshaking is).

I've been getting excellent results with the 'f' protocol on the Trailblazer
between a couple of Pyramid systems (avg 700 cps for ASCII text files), but I
want to get some more vendors machines involved, and (especially) measure the
data rate on a variey of telephone lines. Depending on the results, I may
craft a new protocol for high-speed packetizing modems that doesn't depend on
hardware flow control.

[A plug for Lauren: I've emperically established that flow control is *THE*
issue when trying to use these modems. Intelligent SIO appears to be a must.]

I'll help you get the Trailblazer configured for your system, and if you've
only got one we'll poll you. No kidding. (No, I can't loan anyone a modem! :-))
Carl S. Gutekunst {allegra,cmcl2,decwrl,hplabs,ut-sally,utzoo}!pyramid!csg
Pyramid Technology Corp, Mountain View, CA +1 415 965 7200

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