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need cheap 1200/2400 baud modem

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Mark Horton

Sep 18, 1986, 12:12:26 PM9/18/86
In article <3...@mit-amt.MIT.EDU> ger...@media-lab.UUCP (Andrew S. Gerber) writes:
>I've heard of an Avatex 1200, for $79 plus shipping, from Black
>Patch Systems. Call them at 1-800-ATARI-02. As of this point,
>all I've gotten is a busy signal. If someone out there contacts
>them, or finds a new source for these modems, I'd appreciate hearing
>about it.

I've seen the Avatex advertised all over the place. I know that,
for example, a local hacker-oriented store in Columbus called
MicroBatics carries them for about the same price.

The modem is said to be Hayes compable (except for some obscure
features) but I have no idea if it's any good. It's a 300/1200
baud modem, as I understand it.


Dave Hsu

Sep 19, 1986, 8:38:30 AM9/19/86

You should be able to find the Avatex (Avatek?) for about that price from
numerous mail-order places, only slightly more from a discount retailer.

As for being Hayes compatible, well, they make two models: the 1200,
usually sold around this price, and the 1200HC (Hayes Compatible, what
else?) which usually goes for another 40-60 bucks.

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Larry Pajakowski

Sep 20, 1986, 7:58:44 PM9/20/86
I've had the Avatex modem test on a grunge box. It works about the
same as any state of the art comprimise equalized modem. Modems built
on the Rockwell chip set work better.

It uses the Exar chip inside for most of the dirty work. It does lack
some Hayes features like disconecting on +++ and S registers.

I bought one since it works well with modem control signals and
consequently uucp.

For the price it is a good deal.

BTW the unit is make in Hong Kong.



Larry Pajakowski
Extel Corp, Northbrook, IL

Bob Bickford

Sep 25, 1986, 11:08:33 PM9/25/86
In a previous article Mark Horton writes:

> Andrew S. Gerber writes:
> >I've heard of an Avatex 1200,
[mucho text deleted]

> The modem is said to be Hayes compable (except for some obscure
> features) but I have no idea if it's any good. It's a 300/1200
> baud modem, as I understand it.

I'm using one right now. It works fine, is just as reliable as my
(borrowed) Hayes ever was, etc. It is only Hayes compatible if by
that you mean that it accepts the same dialing commands. In other
words, it does NOT support 95% of the Hayes commands. Of course,
the ones it doesn't use are the ones that you as a human would
probably never use anyway (like turning verbose command response
mode on and off, and turning local command echo on and off, etc.)
The two things that I ***don't*** like about it are:
1) No speaker. I would rather be able to monitor the call in progress
without having to lift up my telephone (and then put it back
down again, etc. etc.)
2) There is *NO* escape-to-command-mode command (the familiar
Hayes +++ sequence). Since the command set is so limited,
this feature is probably not important, but..... it bugs me.
(I used to type +++ AT H0 to hang up, now I have to
press a button on the modem.)

Robert Bickford {lll-crg,hplabs}!well!rab

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