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Darryl P. Wagoner

Sep 17, 1986, 4:02:49 PM9/17/86
We order FUSION about a year ago for one pc to run on a interland board.
11 months later we got around to getting the ethernet hook up. I plugged
it in and it didn't work. A call to tech support got me all kinds of help.

They work with me for hours over the phone. We still couldn't get it to
transmit. We checked the rev. numbers on the boards and found that we had
different boards. She sent me their board UPS RED label. I found that
didn't help. Friday one NRC field tech and a salesman is coming down to
see if they can figure it out. I feel that this kind of service is far
above the call of duty. Granted Raytheon is a big company and they stand
to gain from a good relationship with us.

I am impresses with their help and support for a few hundred dollar
product. I am sure that the problem is something that I have done wrong.
Fusion may not be the right product for our application but the company
is a hell of a company and I will do business with them anytime I get a
chance. They have every right to be proud of their corporate image.

Darryl Wagoner
Raytheon Co.; Portsmouth RI; (401)-847-8000 x4089

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Jeffrey Roberts

Sep 30, 1986, 11:12:25 PM9/30/86
Your experience with NRC does not match our experience considering that
my company has had a run around with NRC for about 1 1/2 years now.

We purchased Fusion for System V release 2.0 running on a VAX 750 with
Interlan boards. Originally the software would not run as shipped
however after some yelling and pleading NRC finally agreed to send
someone up to our office to take a look. They got the system to work
after about 1 week of software repairs.

About 3 months after the system was installed we upgraded our operating
system to System V Release 2.1. From that point on the Fusion software
has not worked. NRC refused to investigate the problem at first.
Finally they took a look and said that they would have to rewrite some
code to get it to work. They still have not done a thing about the
code. I gave up about 3 months ago. It is not worth my time anymore
since I don't believe that they ever planned to properly support us.

I had spoken at great lengths with the people at NRC. I spoke with
technicians, programmers and even the director of marketing. None of
them really seemed concerned or willing to get us some proper

I am convinced that NRC is filled with a bunch of gurus who are
interested in tinkering with as many different pieces of hardware as
possible. They seem to move on to different hardware almost monthly.
Watch out for yourself and don't get bitten if they decide to move on
and not support your particular hardware.

Jeff Roberts
Human Computing Resources

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