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Phil Ngai

Sep 28, 1986, 4:50:44 PM9/28/86
I would like to understand fiber optics from a systems designer's
point of view better. I think I want to know about:

o optical sources, esp LED
typical power
source output pattern
causes and probability of degradation and failure
o power launching and coupling
power coupling calculations
effect of fiber diameter
effect of numerical aperture
effect of wavelength
connection and splice techniques
effects of misalignment
o photodetectors
typical sensitivity
causes and probability of degradation and failure
o measurements

but there are probably things I don't even know I need to know. I do
understand step/graded index and single/multi-mode fibers. Would
anyone care to recommend a book(s) on the subject? Thanks.

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Donald M. Levy

Oct 1, 1986, 5:14:50 PM10/1/86
The AMP Incorporated "Designer's Guide to Fiber Optics" publication is
a rather handy reference that can be obtained by contacting your local
sales representative from that company. It was published in 1982,
but still has plenty of useful information.

Don Levy

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