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Ted Nolan

May 22, 1984, 2:07:22 AM5/22/84
<what's the use, eat me>
My vote for worst comic of the year would have to go to Marvel's
TRANSFORMERS #1. Has anyone out there seen it? I'm still trying
to figure out why I wanted to spend $.75 on it in the first place,
but any reason I may have had was inadequate.

The premise is that two groups of 'robots' evolve on a faraway planet
and start an eons long war for control of same. This knocks the planet
from its orbit and sends it spinning through our solar system (!)
The goodguy robots send an expedition out to punch a path through the
asteroid belt, where they are ambushed by the badguy robots and all end up
crashing into Earth and being suspended for ages in a volcano. Then they
wake up and start the battle again.

I had thought I had seen bad comic writing at its peak during Marv Wolfman's
tenure on MACHINE MAN (MM 10-13 in particular are classically bad comics
and can be savored as such), but I think Ralph Macchio has topped even this.
The following is typical :

--The AUTOBOTS. Whereas life elsewhere in the cosmos usually evolved
through carbon-bonding, here it was the interaction of naturally
occurring gears levers and pulleys that miraculously brought forth
sentient beings.

In addition, both sides go through incredibly bad sequences to establish
the identity of each robot in the worst 'of course you know..' manner,
and there are gaping holes in even elementary plot logic.

First has been accusing Marvel of what ammounts to dumping. I cannot
think of any other reason for this comic to exist,and admit to being
mystified about its intended audience (esp given the price).

On a more pleasant note, many thanks to y'all out there for
plugging Swamp Thing and Summerset (sp?) Holmes. I am enjoying them.

Clear Ether
Ted Nolan ..usceast!ted
Ted Nolan usceast!ted
6536 Brookside Circle
Columbia, SC 29206 (feather the rast!)

Chuck Dobrovolny

May 23, 1984, 10:29:01 AM5/23/84

I'd have to agree with you on Transformers. The Sub-mariner and West
Coast Avengers mini series are also pretty lame in my opinion. I'm
trying to find the willpower NOT to continue buying mediocre mini series
just to keep my finger on the pulse of Marvel Universe continuity!
Transformers kind of reminded me of the Micronauts in the early issues--
I guess you can blame Mantlo for that as well as gaping holes in what
should at least be rudimentary plot logic. Naturally evolving gears and
levers etc.?? Puh-lease!!! As far as Namor & the Westcoasters go, couldn't
these characters be incorporated from time to time in other books to beef
up plots and reader interest instead of providing revenue in the guise of
character revitalization? (Come again?) I, too, am growing tired of the
recent glut of comics--especially on the part of Marvel. Quantity seems
to slowly be replacing quality. It's sad and frustrating. Thank goodness
for some of the better titles around....

Incidentally, I truly enjoy reading this newsgroup. Intelligent observations
about comics (of all things!) are a rarity and it's invigorating to realize
that such interest exists!

....keep up the good work!
Charles Dobrovolny

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