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vnews core dump bug

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Daniel R. Levy

Jul 3, 1986, 7:53:49 PM7/3/86
I have experienced a vnews core dump several times when reading news on a
terminal which has the DEL key next to the RETURN key. What will happen
is that I will type in N followed by a newsgroup name, then go for the
return key. HOWEVER if I happen to slip and end up hitting both the RETURN
key and then the DEL key an instant later, I apparently catch vnews in a
vulnerable spot. I get 'Bus error - core dumped' and my terminal is left
all nasty and raw (not to mention losing the record of what I have already
looked at :-( ).

This will also happen if I do 's' to save to a file then hit RETURN-DEL in
quick succession.
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