CONCH needs revgrep (CONCH users please read!)

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Neal Ziring

Jun 24, 1986, 5:49:46 PM6/24/86
To the UNIX people out there with CONCH:

About half a dozen people sent me magtapes asking for the CONCH
system. Only two of those got a distribution that included a useful
(but not critical) utility called ``revgrep''. If you or somebody you
work with is one of those unlucky souls, you can get a copy of revgrep
from net.sources (posted 6/24/86), or I can send you a copy.
Sorry for any inconvenience or frustration this caused.
-- (Neal Ziring at WU ECL - we're here to provide superior computing.)

{seismo,ihnp4,cbosgd}!wucs!nz OR n...@wucs.UUCP

"You could get an infinite number of wires into this !*$$#!?! junction
box, but we usually don't go that far in practice"
-- Employee of London Electricity Board, 1959

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