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news log file problem

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Jeff Janock

Oct 7, 1986, 10:07:05 AM10/7/86

I found this record in the logfile this morning.
This looks to be a case of tromping on the beginning of a buffer
no quite large enough.

(newlines added so it is not truncated somewhere along its travels)
[total 283 chars includeing tabs and one newline]

Oct 6 22:15 ufman) received <6...@nike.UUCP> ng net.jokes,talk.
bizarre subj 'Re: newspeak, innovative use of a term long abused. -
offensive to you? Maybe - it could be, it could not be. You pays your
money and you takes your chances. (rot 13)' from kau...@nike.uucp
(Bill Kaufman)

I am running 2.10.3
(inews.c is v2.61 3/19/86)


1) Is there in fact a hard limit on the size of the record?

2) Where would this be defined?

3) Do you consider this to be a real problem?

4) Recommendations for fix??

Jeff Janock
NEC Electronics Inc.
One Natick Executive Park
Natick, Massachusetts 01760
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