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readnews dies with memory fault

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Mark Steven Jeghers

Oct 23, 1986, 11:00:21 PM10/23/86

HELP! My copy of ``rn'' works but my copy of ``readnews'' does not!
After it has displayed the first article it finds, it dies with:

Memory fault - core dumped

I am running on an HP-550 (of the 9000 series) with HP/UX 05.05 version B.
The version of ``readnews'' is ``B 2.10.3 4.3bsd 1/17/86''. Any ideas on
what to correct? I'll bet I have some configurable parameter wrong.

``rn'' has occasional SIGSEGV deaths, but only when I do something
unusual. I'll worry about that another day.

Thanx in advance.

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