CAEDE -- CArleton Embedded Design Environment, Availability

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Murray Woodside

Nov 4, 1986, 9:41:52 AM11/4/86

CAEDE (CArleton Embedded Design Environment) is a software
CAD environment aimed at the designers of real time embedded
systems in ADA (copyright U.S. Department of Defense) and other
multitasking languages (eg. RMX-86).
A graphical interface allows the designer to create structure
diagrams of real time systems using an iconic notation for ADA
("Buhrgrams"), and a design methodology described in Buhr's,
System Design with Ada. Although the iconic notation and the
methodology are targeted at Ada, both are general enough
to apply to any multitasking language. The graphics interface uses
a Sun workstation running Suncore graphics. The mouse and keyboard
are used for interaction with the user.

Features of the graphical interface include:
1 : nested structure diagrams for hierarchical design,
2 : hardcopy generation for presentation purposes,
3 : dynamic sizing of icons using rubberband echoing of
mouse movement and full capability to modify diagrams,
4 : the ability to save and later restore partial designs
to promote incremental development and
5 : the ability to extensively comment a design to aid in
automatic skeleton code generation.

Supporting the graphical interface are a number of design tools.
The tools are largely written in Prolog to facilitate the incremental
addition of further tools. Additions to CAEDE in this area are under
Available tools include:
1 : consistency and completeness checking for designs,
2 : generation of Prolog facts representing the graphical
design information,
3 : performance modelling for throughput estimation
and bottleneck detection and
4 : Prolog-based automatic skeleton code generation. The automatically
generated code acts as a structural template to be
edited by the programmer to generate a complete system.

CAEDE 1.5 requires the following environment:
1 : Sun-1, Sun-2, Sun-3 workstation with Sun Version 3.0
of Unix 4.2bsd,
2 : Distribution on 1/4" archive tape or 1/2" magtape,
3 : Mprolog Version 2.1 (Logicware Inc, Toronto, Ont., Canada),
or (University of Edinburgh Cprolog Version 1.4) and
4 : Imagen laser printer for screendumps.

The price list for Canadian universities is: Binary CDN$ 100 and
Source CDN$ 250. The price list for foreign universities is: Binary
US$ 150 and Source US$ 300. Commercial licencing information is
available on request.
Prof. C.M. Woodside, Mr. Gerald Karam or Mr. Ron Casselman
Systems and Computer Engineering Department,
Carleton University,
Ottawa, Canada, K1S - 5B6
Tel: 613-564-3625
E-mail address:

UUCP: {allegra,decvax,ihnp4,linus,utzoo}!watmath!clan!cmw
CDN: c...@systems.carleton.cdn

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