ANN: A new Linked Data interface and fresh data for LinkedGeoData!

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Claus Stadler

Apr 26, 2012, 3:43:36 PM4/26/12
Hello LGD community,

Lately, it has become a bit silent around LinkedGeoData, but behind the scenes development is still progressing.
Today, LGD has finally received its new REST API!

Changes include:

- RDF data is now generated from a PostgreSQL/PostGIS database using the new SPARQL->SQL rewriter Sparqlify[1].
- Finally OSM relations are mapped!
- The Linked Data interface now based on Pubby (should rid content negotiation problems from the past)
- There is now a separation between Features and Geometries (See example links below)
- The ontology was cleaned up (but also changed)
- Links to the "Global Administrative Areas (GADM)"[2]
- Relations between classes and original OSM tags are retained using lgdm:sourceKey[3] and lgdm:sourceTag predicates.
- Data is from around Feb 1st 2012 and the Osmosis live sync is running. See [4] for a list of the 100 most current resources.

There are still some things to do:
- Right now the link to is broken.
  For the time being, you can obtain it from
- Some resources could still benefit from some data cleansing.
- Documentation of Sparqlify and the LGD schema additions to OSM needs to be improved. The goal is to enable anyone to set up their own LGD instance if they want.
- The old REST API has to be ported.

Suggestions and other feedback are much welcome!

Best regards,
Claus Stadler

Example Links
    The Eiffel Tower and its geometry:      (as geometry as a literal) (the geometry in modelled in RDF)

    The administrative boundary of Germany


[1] Sparqlify
         Project Page:
         Source Code:
         The Sparqlify configuration which is currently in use:
         The schema additions (needs documentation):

[2] Global Administrative Areas (GADM):

[3] lgdm namespace:


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