Release of Neo4j.rb version 0.3.2

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Andreas Ronge

Sep 17, 2009, 5:11:49 PM9/17/09
Hi all

I just released neo4j.rb version 0.3.2.

Here is the changelog:

* Added support for aggregating nodes (#65)
* Wrapped Neo4j GraphAlgo AllSimplePath (#70)
* Added traversal with traversal position (#71)
* Removed DynamicAccessors mixin, replaced by [] operator (#67)
* Impl Neo4j.all_nodes (#69)
* Upgrated Neo4j jar file to 1.0-b9
* The Neo4j#relationship method now allows a filter parameter (#66)
* Neo4j.rb now can read database not created by Neo4j.rb - does not
require classname property (#63)
* REST - added an "all" value for the depth traversal query parameter (#62)
* REST - Performance improvments using the Rest Mixin (#60)

The aggregating node feature is rather experimental.
The next release will probably include some more GraphAlgo algorithms,
only AllSimplePath algorithm is available in 0.3.2

I know that the README.rdoc file is rather big and messy. I hope I get
some time to improve it, maybe move it from rdoc to some other format

The 0.3.2 RDoc documentation is available here:



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