Neo4j.rb 3.0 Release Candidates

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Chris Grigg

Sep 1, 2014, 3:11:55 AM9/1/14
We have entered the RC stage and just released RC3! Lots of updates, more coming almost every day. Changes since RC1, last Wednesday.

== 3.0.0.rc.3
* Thread safety improvements
* Scope and general refactoring
* Added ability to create relationships on init (persisted on save)

== 3.0.0.rc.2
* Use newer neo4j-core release

== 3.0.0.rc.1
* Support for count, size, length, empty, blank? for has_many relationship
* Support for rails logger of cypher queries in development
* Support for distinct count
* Queries should respect mapped label names (#421)
* Warn if no session is available
* Fix broken == and equality (#424)

The gem and all related projects have also been moved to a Github Organization,

Brian Underwood

Sep 24, 2014, 4:22:40 PM9/24/14
Quick update for those that are following, we release new release
candidates for neo4j and neo4j-core yesterday which we plan on making
the final candidates. Try them out (or continue to update from master
if you're running off the latest from github) and let us know if you
have any problems before we make a final release!

One big change is that UUIDs (primary keys) are now on by default in
your models, so you'll need to run a migration if you've been using a
previous release candidate. See:

Some neo4j gem changes:
* UUIDs are now automatically specified on models as neo IDs won't be reliable
in future versions of neo4j
* Migrations now supported (including built-in migrations to migrate UUIDs and
insert the _classname property which is used for performance)
* Association reflection
* Model.find supports ids/node objects as well as arrays of id/node objects
* rake tasks now get automatically included into rails app

Some neo4j-core gem changes:
* Misc fixes
* Changes to support neo4j gem
* Using faraday gem with net-http-persistent instead of httparty

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