Neo4j.rb Release 0.4.0

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Andreas Ronge

Feb 6, 2010, 1:13:24 PM2/6/10

I've just released Neo4j.rb version 0.4.0
Installation: jruby -S gem install neo4j -v 0.4.0
Updated & Improved RDocs:

I have done some major refactoring and performance improvements.
* The traversal speed can be increased by around 3 times by using the
Neo4j Java objects instead of using wrapped Ruby objects.
* The Neo4j Java Node and relationships are now exposed, e.g. will create a org.neo4j.graphdb.Node object.
I have added some methods on that object (moved from Neo4j::NodeMixin
which now instead delegates to the java object instead).
* The Relationship and Node now includes the same mixin - that means
you can declare property accessors and lucene index on Relationships
just like on Nodes.

The API has changed, e.g. the relationships method is renamed to rels.
This is because the
Java object already had this method. Also all internal properties -
node id and classname now have a prefix '_'.

Happy Hacking !


* Performance improvements and Refactoring: Use and Extend Neo4j Java
Classes (#97)
* Support for Index and Declaration of Properties on Relationships (#91)
* Upgrade to neo4j-1.0 rc (#100)
* All internal properties should be prefix with a '_',0.4.0 (#105)
* Generate relationship accessor methods for declared has_n and
has_one relationships (#104)
* New way of creating relationship - (#103)
* Neo4j#init_node method should take one or more args (#98)
* Namespaced relationships: has_one...from using the wrong
* Neo4j::NodeMixin and Neo4j::Node should allow a hash for initialization (#99)


Feb 6, 2010, 4:42:36 PM2/6/10
to neo4jrb
Great to see the new version and docs. Thanks! I suffered from the old
docs for a long time.
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