neo4j and neo4j-core 3.0.2 released

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Chris Grigg

Oct 23, 2014, 7:09:29 PM10/23/14
* Improved detection of transaction responses to prevent conflicts with property names

* "Model#all" now evaluates lazily, models no longer include Enumerable
* Faster, more efficient uniqueness validations
* Adjusted many common queries to use params, will improve performance
* ActiveRel fixes: create uses Core Query instead of Core's `rels` method, `{ classname: #{_classname} }` no longer inserted into every query, find related node IDs without loading the nodes 
* Allow inheritance when checking model class on a relation (Andrew Jones)
* Provided migrations will use Rake.original_dir instead of Rails.env to provide better compatibility with frameworks other than Rails
* rel_class option in ActiveNode models will now accept string of a model name
* Additional bug fixes

This means that you can no longer do `User.each do |u|`, you'll need to do `User.all.each do |u|`. Otherwise, the performance and bug fixes should give a little speed boost in some cases. The improved use of params will definitely be a help.
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