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Paulo Sérgio Medeiros

May 25, 2020, 5:00:34 AM5/25/20
to Neo4j
I have an old project which uses spring data and neo4j. I'm trying to build it, but maven is not able to find the neo4j-cypher-dsl dependency.

This is the error that I'm getting from maven:

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project evidencefactory: Could not resolve dependencies for project com.evidencefactory:evidencefactory:war:0.9-SNAPSHOT: Failed to collect dependencies at -> -> org.neo4j:neo4j-cypher-dsl:jar:2.0.1: Failed to read artifact descriptor for org.neo4j:neo4j-cypher-dsl:jar:2.0.1: Could not transfer artifact org.neo4j:neo4j-cypher-dsl:pom:2.0.1 from/to neo4j ( Failed to transfer file with status code 502 -> [Help 1]

Is there a Neo4j maven repository for old dependencies?

Lasse Westh-Nielsen

May 25, 2020, 5:15:28 AM5/25/20
to Neo4j User, Michael Hunger
Hey Paulo,

It was me who shut down recently. We were no longer using it ourselves and thought it was safe to shut down, because we thought it was just a mirror for Maven Central. It _used to_ host snapshot artifacts for us, but we no longer produce those.

Anyway to solve the problem: I don't suppose you are able to downgrade to 1.7? Because that one I can find on Maven Central:

A better solution of course would be to find that 2.0.1 artifact and publish it to Maven Central. I have CC'ed my colleague Michael who might know something - Michael? I also wonder if alternatives exist, again Michael will know.

Lastly, we would be able to start the thing up again for some time, but we really want to retire for good.

Hope that helps!



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Michael Hunger

May 25, 2020, 7:19:26 AM5/25/20
to Lasse Westh-Nielsen, Neo4j User, Gerrit Meier

another option would be to build it locally and add it to your local maven repo to be used in the build.
Do you use Cypher DSL in the project or is it just a dependency?

Otherwise if you want to resurrect your project I recommend moving to SDN-RX going forward.

We plan to archive cypher-dsl in favor of the internally maintained one that's used by SDN-RX:
Which will be going to maven central as its own module from the next release on.

Cheers, Michael
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