[ANN] Flint 2.9 Released

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Bill Hart

Jun 24, 2022, 8:59:21 AM6/24/22
to flint-devel, nemo-devel, osca...@mathematik.uni-kl.de, Brian Gladman, Mike Stillman, sage-...@googlegroups.com, Grayson, Daniel R., Anton Leykin
Hi all,

It is with pleasure that we release Flint version 2.9.

This is the final release where William Hart will be release manager.
Fredrik Johansson will take over as Maintainer of Flint from now on.
We will also transition to his repository as the official Flint
repository in the coming weeks.

Here are the main additions for this release.

* Add fmpz_mod_poly_div function
* Add _flint_get_memory function
* Add Eulerian polynomials
* Support "multivariate" polynomials with zero variables
* Improve Stirling numbers of both kinds
* Speed up numerous fmpz functions for small inputs
* Improve Bell numbers
* Speedups to nmod arithmetic
* Improve nmod_mat LU decomposition
* Fully separate nmod module from nmod_vec
* Speed up Hermite polynomials
* Add n-th derivative for Z[x] and Q[x]
* Improve fq_default module (nmod is now used where optimal)
* Add sqrt functions for numerous polynomial/series modules and finite fields
* Add FFT matrix multiplication
* Improve CI
* Improve LLL for general use
* Add matrix-vector products over Q
* Add can_solve function for fmpq_mat, handling non-square/singular matrices
* Document fmpz_mod_vec module
* Fix and document qadic_sqrt function
* Add parallel programming helpers
* Innumerable additional bug fixes and speedups

Note that we have also made the following change which will affect
existing code:

* Change the order of arguments in the fmpz_divisor_sigma function

The main contributors to this release were:

* Dan Schultz
* Fredrik Johansson
* Albin Ahlback
* William Hart

We would also like to thank the many other contributors to this
release, including:

David Einstein, Julian Ruth, Andreas Enge, Matthias Koeppe, math-gout,
Gonzalo Tornaria, Erico Nogueira Rolim, Dima Pasechnik, Tommy Hofmann,
Isuru Fernando and numerous others who contributed patches, testing,
bug reports and other assistance.

Best Wishes,

Flint Development Team
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