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Spencer Klaassen

Oct 11, 2021, 8:06:42 AM10/11/21
to KCUC, Nebraska Rando

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Subject: [RUSA-RBA] PBP 2023 Prep Seminar via Zoom
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 Hello RBAs,

I'm wondering if I can ask you to distribute this to your regional membership:

PBP 2023 is nearly two years away, and like a kid on December 1st waiting for that holiday to arrive, the wait may seem like forever. However, there is a lot you can be doing and for some of those things, two years may be barely enough time.

Come join us for a PBP Prep seminar on October 30th (6pm Eastern, 3pm Pacific) when some PBP anciens et anciennes will offer presentations on some of those long range aspects of getting ready for PBP. To sign up for this Zoom meeting, please fill out this form. You may also wish to sign up for this google group devoted to PBP preparation. 

Greg Merritt
Deb Banks
Mark Thomas
Eric Norris
Rose Cox
Bryan Kilgore
Dawn Piech
Martin Ortega

rob hawks


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