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Nebraska Football Tickets

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Gary Fead

Jul 10, 2001, 2:28:53 PM7/10/01

Greetings All:

Here is some information regarding tickets for the TCU, Troy State, Rice,
Baylor, Kansas and Colorado football games:

TCU and Troy State are apparently not selling tickets as quickly as one
might think therefore if you would like tickets to either of the first two
home games you might try calling the ticket office at these two schools and
ordering tickets.

Troy State seems to be a little more reluctant to do this but in the end
they will likely sell you the tickets. Their phone number is (334)670-3681.

TCU is taking orders for tickets to the TCU/NU game until July 16th,
according to what I am told, if you order tickets by that date you are
guaranteed to get them. Their phone number is (817)257-3764, select option
"8" when the automated attendant answers.

Rice will not sell any tickets to non Rice affiliated individuals so there
is no need to call them.

Baylor- The Nebraska ticket office still has some tickets available for this
game call them at (800)824-4733 to purchase tickets.

Kansas- The Nebraska ticket office still has some tickets available for this
game too, call them at (800)824-4733 to purchase tickets.

Colorado- There should be some tickets available for this game when Colorado
places single game tickets on sale next Monday (July 16th), to purchase call
(800)872-8337 and select option "8" to purchase using a major credit card.
I've also heard they may be available via Ticketmaster but I haven't been
able to confirm this as of yet.

Gary Fead

Nick Chevance

Jul 11, 2001, 8:38:30 AM7/11/01

Gary (and to the rest of the list) -

Ticketmaster is how Colorado sells individual game tickets. They are
also available through the ticket office by calling them directly, as
Gary said. I'm not sure but Ticketmaster (practically the only way to
get special event tickets in this town) does place a service charge on
all sales. Again I'm not sure but I don't think there's an extra charge
for phone sales. You can check this out on CU's ticket web site:

I should note that the CU site indicates that single game tickets go on
sale Tuesday the 17th. Do you think this is some clever ploy to get
Nebraska people to call in on the wrong day????

I got some of these tickets two years ago. They are likely to be in the
end zone and in the stands along the end of the field closest to the
fieldhouse. You can see the seating chart here:

We had seats in section 121 on the goalline but it was right on the
walkway into the stadium so we were at helmet level with folks walking
in front of us for much of the game. Ralphie was right in front of us
(if you remember, that's the game where Ralphie just didn't want to run
out on the field - a bad omen people said). You might ask for seat
location if you call.


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