Fedora 14 - built & installed & now get authentication errors - what next?

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Carl Whalley

Apr 9, 2011, 7:08:06 AM4/9/11
to neatx
I followed the instructions in INSTALL from the current tip and it
went fine:
[root@roamer x86_64]# yum list neatx
Loaded plugins: langpacks, presto, refresh-packagekit
Adding en_US to language list
Installed Packages
neatx.x86_64 0.1-1.fc14

That's the bit I thought would be hard, so I moved on to the bit I
thought would be easy and downloaded the current XP nomachine client
(3.4.0-10) only to get auth errors, presumably because it needs a key?
If so, where did the install put it please, and where should I have
looked to find this out?
Also, is there a step I missed, like there being a dependency on
nxserver/whatever everyone assumes newbies like me automatically know
about so don't even mention?

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