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Welcome to the New England Marine Science Opportunities listserv! This listserv is for the posting of jobs, funding, and other opportunities in the marine sciences (shallow to deep!). The opportunities posted here should be for institutions, agencies, NGOs, etc. in the New England area. When posting, please make your subject line informative. We’ve developed some tips, examples of tags, and templates for posting here: Of course,  feel free to use what you may already have written!

We ask in your posting, please include the location of the opportunity and the relevant agency, foundation, company, or otherwise. Include clear instructions for how to apply, including materials needed, timelines, and preferred contact information. 

For jobs and internships, we ask that you include information regarding compensation (salary range), benefits (if applicable), and be clear in your language, as a way to maintain transparency and support equity among people applying for your position. For reasons why, we encourage you to read this post: 

For students or other applicants who wish to see an example of a response or inquiry to one of the advertisements (we know not everyone has done this before!) see as well.

This group is moderated lightly. If you have a question, please ask one of the moderators.


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