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Re: Foam Advisory for June 22

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Fujikawa Yamamoto

Jun 22, 2006, 1:51:28 AM6/22/06
On 21 Jun 2006, Cujo DeSockpuppet <> posted some

> Joseph Bartlo <> wrote in
>> Cujo DeSockpuppet wrote:
>>> The Bartlo Information Ministry <> wrote in
>>>>Mt. Pocono, PA (TBIM): FOam Hunter flights into the Mt. Pocono Area
>>>>have detected increasing pressure in the Foam Ridge that was
>>>>detected and reported in teh June 15th Forecast extending from 50
>>>>Seneca Ln to the servers of and Models
>>>>indicate that the Foam Ridge could escalate into a full fledged Foam
>>>>Down on or about June 26th with a margin of error of +/- 2 days.
>>>>Forecasters say thst this Foam Event could register as high as a 2
>>>>on The Bartlo Scale and has the potential to cause moderate to
>>>>severe damage in the areas of Mt. Pocono and and
>>>>associated newsgroups.
>>>>The Foam Emergency Management Agency has indicated to TBIM that
>>>>emergency shelters in and at and around The
>>>>Front Street Gym (formerly Hennelly's Boxing Club) in Philadelphia,
>>>>PA will open in the afternoon of June 22nd. TFEMA is urging the
>>>>elderly and those with young children or compromised immune systems
>>>>to evacuate the area immediately as tests on the Foam have indicated
>>>>the presence of the H5N1 "Bird Flu," virus and also the Giraffe
>>>>version of the Clap. Evacuees to the Philadelphia Area are to
>>>>proceed to The Greyhound Bus Station in Mt. Pocono to prepare for
>>>>evacuation to Philadelphia as The Greyhound Bus Station is
>>>>uneffected by the Foam Events for some reason. Those remaining in
>>>>the Mt. Pocono area or are advised to make sure that
>>>>their Foam Disease vaccinations are upto date. Those requiring the
>>>>latest Foam Disease Innoculation are adviesd to proceed to The
>>>>Greyhound Bus Station Clinic in Mt. Pocono to receive a free
>>>>vaccination. Those remaining in the area are also advised to make
>>>>sure that their stocks of non-perishable food and bottle water are
>>>>safely stored in a hermetically sealed container to keep the Foam
>>>>away from essential supplies. Also, Haz-mat suits should be prepared
>>>>and ready to use on a moment's notice - especially true for Foam
>>>>Clean Up Workers.
>>>>TFEMA reports that after the non appearance of The One True
>>>>Abomination Of Nature, Joesph Bartlo, in Philadelphia, that the
>>>>Philadelphis area is now safe from all foam avents and it is a safe
>>>>haven from the foam. The Models do not indicate any more forthcoming
>>>>challenges from The One True Abomination Of Nature, Joseph Bartlo,
>>>>much less an actual appearance for the next 6 months or so.
>>> This poast hace been teh APPROVEDEST.
>> The Cujo pest tries to talk tough here but when I offered to go fight
>> him in Philly he ran like a scared little girl.
> Wrong again, Foamboi. I told you over two fucking years ago that you
> will show up at a time of my choosing. I have chosen July 1st of 2006.
> Be there, coward.
>> You are nothing but a chicken Cujo, you had better hope our paths
>> never cross.
> I sure do, I'd really hate to make you face the fact that you're a
> pansy.

Axxoxx oaxoooaoo ooxoxxoxxxxx aoxxaaoaaooaxoxoxxoxo...

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