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Severe Winter Warning

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Aug 21, 2005, 5:18:40 AM8/21/05
Front Page Story from the Hartford Courant Saturday August 20, 2005.
(as a few here may know, the world's first solar forecast made 54 years
ago of warming during the 2nd half of the 20th Century reversing at the
start of the 21st has not been welcome news up here in the northeast)
The Hartford Courant in Saturday morning's edition, offers no break
this winter in the continued downward slide in winter temperatures east
of the Mississippi. I would give almost anything to warm the earth up
in these parts to some of the beautiful mild winter temperatures that
occurred often in the '80s and 90's, especially with the cost of
heating oil on the rise. "This winter will be especially severe in the
Northeast, creating added demand for heating oil and driving up oil
prices," a well known weather forecaster said Friday. A long range
forecast issued by Accu Weather, a commercial service based in State
College, Pa., also predicted that cold weather would set in early.
During the three month winter period starting Dec. 1, virtually all of
the United States east of the Mississippi River will average at least
one degree below normal, Accu Weather said. The Northeast Region, which
accounts for 90 percent of the heating oil used in the United States,
will see temperatures 2 to 3 degrees below normal from Maine to
Washington D.C. The causes cited were the following: (1) The three most
active hurricane seasons, 1933, 1969, and 1995, were all followed by
harsh winters. (2) Unusually warm water off the Northeast coast
presages a colder winter, and a large area of warm water off the coast
is expected to persist into fall, favoring creation of a high pressure
system over land and a low pressure system offshore, resulting in a
more northerly component over land chilling the region. (4) Colder air
from Canada will chill the northeast, being displaced farther south
than occurs during a typical winter, and that will result in cooler
winter temperatures. (5) Abnormal water temperatures off the eastern
Pacific coast, such as the warmer than normal El Nino, are expected to
average close to normal instead. No El Nino.

I know this is only a forecast, but up here in New England some of us
are already getting sick of some of these harsher and harsher winters
since we turned the century, while eastern Antarctica has also been
getting colder. I wish that Kyoto in addition to some of it's global
warming studies that include things such as the melting ice and warming
in western Antarctica, would study our atmospheric and oceanic patterns
up here more objectively and maybe they could eventually come up with
some advanced technology to bring some of their heat up here and get
these fuel prices down a bit.


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