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Amr AbdAllah MIMIC Studio Egypt

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Sep 17, 2021, 3:44:26 PM9/17/21
Amr Abdullah is a TV and film effects artist specializing in prosthetics and character creation. Working professionally since 2009, best known for his work in such films and TV series, the sculptor graduated from Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt.
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Creating an effective and memorable personal make-up depends on several things. What medium will the character appear in? Is this a character makeup for stage or screen? Since the audience will see everything in the theatrical production in a "wide shot", the makeup must reflect the reality of the medium. Even makeup designed for the screen should often be larger than life celebrity artist Steve Wang said that when you sculpt a character, you tend to exaggerate the details more than they are in real life because you want those details to appear. "Although we often draw inspiration from nature, our goal is not always to reproduce nature - our work is highly theatrical and it exists to serve film," he says.
cinematic makeup
Cinematic makeup burns
cinematic makeup wounds
Horror cinematic makeup
Special effects makeup artist
makeup artist
Cinematic makeup artist
special effects makeup artist
cinematic makeup
Cinematic makeup burns
Cinematic makeup wounds
Horror cinematic makeup

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