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Company Websites
42 Omar Ibn Al-Khattab division, the extension of Gesr El-Suez St. - in front of the Police Department
Jacon is one of the distinguished and pioneering companies in the manufacture of all requirements of quarries, ports, factories, as well as metal constructions. Jacon turned into an Egyptian joint stock company in the year 2000 AD, working in several industrial commercial activities. These activities made Jacon Company in the forefront with trade and manufacturing companies; This is because we have a complete factory with all the advanced, modern and modern equipment in the Abu Zabal Industrial Zone in Greater Cairo.
We have a high level of professionalism to carry out all metal works. We also specialize in the production of crushing units, vibrators and handling equipment.
This company was founded by Eng. Joseph Kamal Riyad, who established in this field, which he worked on developing and using the technical competencies of the administrative engineers, whether it is the implementation and design engineer, specialized consultants or highly qualified technicians, we provide you with all commercial services through a specialized team As a professional responsible for providing many services related to quarry and factory supplies, we have the necessary experience with the best service that is tight and suitable for all customers.
What are Jacon's specialties?
. garbage recycling lines
2. Thermal metal belts, manufacture, design and installation of all types of production lines and conveyor belts for raw materials, whether these belts are mobile, fixed, telescopic or articulated, used in loading and unloading operations in factories or ports.
3. Trusses and metal structures. All types of trusses are manufactured, designed and installed according to the required specifications.
4. Roller belts and rollers, manufacturing all spare parts required for factories, all metal constructions, quarry and crusher supplies, as well as vibrators and conveyor belts.
5. Screen sieves (shakes), manufacture and design of all crushing, screening and raw materials handling units, starting from the first stage and ending with the loading belts.
What are the types of activities within the Arab Company for Trade and Manufacturing, Jacon?
There are two types of activities within the company, which are:-
First, the industrial activity
It contains many modern and advanced activities within the company:
• Tanks and silhouettes
• Shakers and sifting units of all kinds
• Crushers, crushing and grinding units
• garbage recycling lines
• Metal and thermal belts
• Trusses and metal structures
• Bakr belts and rollers
• Salt production lines
• sieves (shakes)
Second: commercial activity
• Importing gearboxes and magnets
• Bearings
• Spare parts
• Importing rubber belts
• Importing gold mining mills
• Motors and Speed ​​Reducers
Jacon is one of the most high-quality companies that provide high quality, specialized tools, with distinctive and superior accuracy. It imports and trades conveyor belts from the European Union countries, and also according to the desire of customers in the local market, as it is the authorized European distributor for distributing.
It distributes European heavy-duty speed reducers, as well as vibrating motors and equipment operating motors of all kinds.
Distributing all types of ball bearings, drums and cables that reduce movement, as well as distributing hot and cold belt welding supplies, as well as metal clips.
One of the most important things we have within the company is the after-sales service. We care about customer satisfaction, no matter how much it costs us. We do after-sales service to follow up and maintain our equipment to satisfy all customers. The engineering department is fully prepared to study and design any new projects or any expansions requested by customers. All production problems in factories, solutions and implementation, in accordance with the latest international systems.
We always strive to be at the forefront and permanent development with all modern and advanced mechanisms only to satisfy our valued customers.
Our mission:-
It is to achieve the lead while maintaining brilliance to the highest level of quality. We are also working on the vision of the future in 2030, through the application of a set of standards and mechanisms that allow development and innovation in record time to meet the needs of our valued customers.

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