Nazis want to decriminalize being criminals

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Psycho Dave

Oct 28, 2021, 11:43:35 AM10/28/21
All you have to do is look at the rap sheets of the average Nazi and
white supremacist to see that most of them have served time in prison.

Nazis love prison -- they use prisons to recruit new members. There's a
whole Nazi society in many US prisons, where the jolly little thugs
cover themselves in 3rd reich tattoos between anally penetrating each

What a lot of the conservatives in the alt-right movement seem to want,
after examining a lot of their writing and speeches, is to decriminalize
all of the things that get them into jail in the first place. They seem
to want a society where battery is okay, especially if the ones you beat
up are just weaklings or members of targeted groups like Jews, African
Americans, Gays, and "liberals" -- but we all know they prefer juveniles
and elderly people from those groups, because they are easy targets.

Many conservatives want to decriminalize rape -- or at least only make
rape a crime for non-whites. This is likely because so many of them are
wife-beaters and incels (involuntarily celibate, because women find them
repulsive). Seriously, many of the neanderthals who tell rape victims
that they dressed provocatively, acted coquettishly or "deserved" to be
raped, do tend to be repulsive looking, if not have repulsive

In other words, the alt-right wants to decriminalize being a violent
criminal thug.

Psycho Dave
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