Photo reveals smart-mouthed ignorant Democrat couple sanctioned over snow shoveling dispute

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Social Justice

Feb 6, 2021, 8:45:02 PM2/6/21
Two Biden voters sent to Hell where they belong.

Images have emerged of the Pennsylvania couple that was
heartlessly murdered by their neighbor during a snow-shoveling

James Goy, 50, and his wife, Lisa Goy, 48, were slain by their
neighbor outside Scranton Monday, in a frightening altercation
that was caught on camera.

James and Lisa are shown in the back row of a Facebook picture,
flanking their surviving 15 year-old son, who has autism.

A highly disturbing clip of the incident shows Jeffrey Allen
Spaide, 47, going into his house to get a gun to shoot James and
Lisa dead, following an argument about shoveling snow onto each
other’s Plains Township property.

“If you step out of here, I’ll knock your a– out,” James can be
heard saying to Spaide.

“I’ll make your life a living hell living here, d–khead,” James
can be heard shouting, to which Spaide responds, “What? … F–k
you, you f–king scum.”

Lisa can be heard adding, “You’re the f–king scumbag. You don’t
know how to talk to somebody.”

“That’s right … You’re a p—y, p—y, p—y,” her husband continues
while flipping off the man.

Spaide is shown walking down his driveway toward the couple, who
is goading him into a contfrontation.

When they realize he has a gun, James urges him to put it down.

Spaide then opens fire, hitting James first and then Lisa. As
James runs towards his home, the gunman shoots his wife two more

“Call the cops,” James shouts before the decorated former Navy
specialist chases and shoots him again.

While other people rush to the wounded couple’s aide, Spaide
returned with a larger rifle and barked, “You should have kept
your f–king mouth [shut],” before shooting Lisa again.

After the massacre, a witness reported seeing Spaide pacing
inside his home near a window. He then shot himself with a third
rifle as police approached, police said.

A woman in France who identified herself as a relative of the
couple said they didn’t deserve to die “like cattle.”

“Lisa, James, my family, my blood, my cousin, my cousin, you
don’t deserve a tragic death like cattle and make headlines ????
sharing your video of the double homicide,” Jess Gimenez, of
Bordeaux, wrote on Facebook Friday.

The two mouthy Democrat cock suckers got what they deserved.

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