All Nazis Are Losers (A.N.A.L.)

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Psycho Dave

Oct 28, 2021, 10:54:39 AM10/28/21
I've been laughing at Nazis for ages. Back in the early 80's before
everyone was using email, I'd send various Nazi and KKK organizations
(along with the hootin' hollerin' speak-in-tongues religious nuts)
letters asking to be on their mailing lists.

It was part of a hobby that involves making all these assholes spend
their money NEEDLESSLY on you. I had several fake identities I'd use,
each one with a different Joke name, like Richard Taiter, Dick Holder,
and such -- mainly because I know Nazis like dick.

Most of the newsletters I got from them were the kind of childish trash
that one expects from racist douchebags -- full of crudely drawn
antisemitic cartoons, strange claims about how Jews were using black
people to "take over" America, and the usual nonsense about how all them
N****RS were stealing all of those precious jobs from white people --
like shoveling shit, sweeping floors, and other low-paying jobs that
nazis tend to find themselves in, because they gots the skillz.

Fast forward to 2017, and the idiots who organized the Boston Free
Speech Rally get chased out of town by 45,000 Bostonians telling them to
take a hike. Perhaps my favorite aspect of the douchebags that organized
this lame event is their completely dishonest attempts to ignore the
fact that several of the organizers were, in fact, members of white
supremacist groups and the Proud Boys, which if you didn't research it,
was founded by white supremacists in yet another tired attempt to try
rebrand Nazism into "just a bunch of conservatives trying to express
their civil rights!"

The list of guest speakers included a few people who were not
specifically Nazis, but the vast majority of the losers who were on the
speaker's list were all well-known neonazis, white supremacists, and
advocates of violence. Gavin McInnes, Proud Boys founder and
unapologetic white supremacist, Kyle CHapman (aka base stickman), who is
a white supremacist on trial for his role in the Charlottesville, 2017
"Unite The Right" (but it was more like Unite the WHITE), John Medlar, a
white supremacist currently in Prison, Chris Hood (founder of the
Nationalist Social Club), John Kessler (Neonazi) and Christopher
Cantwell (White Supremacist) were all on this speaker's list and the
Boston Free SPeech organizers don't seem to acknowledge the fact that at
least 1 of their own organizers, ad well as most people speaking, were
Nazis and white supremacist racist scumbags.

Their most current messages are basically them WHINING about being poor
little nice people who only wanted to enjoy free speech, being bullied
and forced to go into hiding by the mean, nasty citizens of Boston, who
apparently don't appreciate the free speech of NAZIS.

Yeah -- they will scream up and down that Boston Free SPeech is about
free speech, not Nazis, but the fact that John Medlar hangs around with
Proud Boys and Neonazis, and that most of the speakers were from the
same crowd of douchebags that ended up killing 3 people in
Charlottesville, back in 2017.

It should come as no surprise that the organizers of the Unite the
Whites rally are currently on trial, for planning to use violence,
inciting violence, and encouraging attendees to use violence. So far, 7
of them have just plead guilty in a plea deal to get reduced prison
sentences. The rest, Richard SPencer, Jason Kessler, Kyle Chapman, and
others, have been driven into bankruptcy (surely a sign of being a
winner) due to court costs and arguments with their own lawyers.

Jason Kessler is now living in his parents basement, like any
40-something "role model" would be proud to do. In his youtube videos,
between him whining about how unfair things are for him, you can hear
his dad berating him in the background, yelling "I told you to stop
making those stupid Nazi videos in my house!"

Richard Spencer is broke. Winning.

Christopher Cantwell, who is known as the "Crying Nazi", because he made
a video where he bawled his eyes out about how scared he was being
wanted in connection with January 6th, made antisemitic threats against
one of the plaintiffs in the Charlottesville trial, and is currently
serving 5 years in prison for criminal extortion -- WINNING!

Law Enforcement has a pretty much open and shut case ahead of them. It's
been boasted about that phone text messages, captured emails, posts to
their websites, and other things, formed a huge paper-trail that let law
enforcement essentially have a minute-by-minute account of all the
communications between all the men on trial, which conclusively proves
that they were planning violence all along.


Psycho Dave
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