Communist activists fail to accost Kyrsten Sinema at Boston Marathon

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Leroy N. Soetoro

Oct 15, 2021, 4:30:45 PM10/15/21

Activists from Arizona attempted to target Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz.,
at the Boston Marathon on Monday but the senator's broken foot prevented
her participation, her office told Fox News.

The Arizona Working Families Party and the Sunrise Movement's Tempe
chapter shared a photo of activists holding up signs urging Sinema to
deliver "green jobs now," "care jobs now," and to "be brave, fight for
us." They intended to urge her to support President Biden's $3.5 trillion
reconciliation bill, also called the Build Back Better bill.

"We're here at the #Boston Marathon with @SunriseTempe and others from AZ
asking @SenatorSinema to stop running from her constituents and start
listening!" the Arizona Working Families Party tweeted. #StopRunningSinema
& pass the full Build Back Better plan NOW!"

The protest came after activists from the Green New Deal Network, a
coalition of 15 organizations, announced that they planned on "bird-
dogging" Sinema during the marathon, according to The Boston Globe.

Yet the Green New Deal Network told Fox News its activists had "no luck
with a sighting of Sen. Sinema" at the marathon.

A spokesperson for the senator told Fox News that Sinema had to skip out
on running the race.

"While Kyrsten qualified for and attended the race, she could not run
because of her continued recovery from a broken foot," her office said in
a statement.

Last week, activists approached Sinema at the airport and on an airplane,
urging her to support the Build Back Better bill. Other activists even
followed her from a classroom at Arizona State University, where she
teaches, to a bathroom there. They continued hounding her while she was in
the stall and later when she emerged to wash her hands.

Sinema has expressed her opposition to the Build Back Better bill, which
Democrats have often paired with a $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure
bill. Sinema and her colleague Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., have balked at
the $3.5 trillion sticker price, which The Wall Street Journal editorial
board has insisted is a low estimate of the bill's true cost of $5
trillion. Biden and his advisers, meanwhile, have insisted that the cost
is "zero" because they pledge to pay for the $3.5 trillion with tax
increases on the wealthy and corporations.

Activists approaching Manchin's houseboat aboard kayaks also accosted him.

Biden addressed the confrontations against the senators last week, noting
that neither senator has Secret Service protection.

"I don’t think they’re appropriate tactics, but it happens to everybody,"
Biden said.

"The only people it doesn’t happen to are the people who have Secret
Service standing around them," Biden added. "So, it’s part of the

This story has been updated with statements from the Green New Deal
Network and Sinema's office, reflecting that the senator did not run in
the Boston Marathon.

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