Who Has The Right

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William Mahler

Apr 19, 2021, 4:32:37 AM4/19/21
Who Has The Right
Monday, Apr 19 @ 4:04 AM

I’ll Meet You Half The Way.

The love line is never straight and narrow
Unless your love is tried and true
We take a chance with new beginnings
Still we try (Oooh)
Win or lose (Oooh)
Take the highs (Oooh)
With the blues (Oooh)
-From 5150 by Van Halen,
Probably my favorite song from that album of the same name too.
I’ll meet you half the way.

Beba, Sarah, whoever, whatever, your past is your past, I realize that, from my cage, am I coming to Jersey someday? Miss you, no matter the beautiful innuendo.

You can be anything you want to be
Just turn yourself into anything you think that you could ever be
Be free with your tempo be free be free
Surrender your ego be free be free to yourself

From Innuendo by Queen.

I’ve found I’ve been pushed out of rock and roll for the sake of my own good from local station “PIXY103” as if to say, “Mahler, music and you? Country, not rock, so far so good so go there brotha”.

Not a video was made and it took several months for me to be knocked off the #1 spot with Singer-Songwriter for Barnstable County, Yarmouth, MA. #2 now.

Last night, “Eagles Fly” and a bunch of Sammy Hagar tunes I was singing from my perch, well not mine, maybe one penny of a thousandths of mine paid for the porch here at Taunton State Hospital. An audience? To the lass downstairs, thanks, yes you are correct, “Eagles Fly” is my favorite Sammy Hagar tune, and ya, I was out of tune after announcing it too! LOL. Beba has a message in text via my number lol with the recorded audio.

I face an uphill battle, I read now, that that Grammy.Com gives more credo to artists mental health but does that mean mind altering, body wreckafiying drugs? Drugs for the drugs?

As for Beba, I’m tired of the not around during the weekend nights, and the assumption that well, jealous? Who me? Not at all, but rest assured, the two of us would be out on the town, not her alone. For that reason, I am a social butterfly texting with many different women online for in person, it’s me and 14 men all in a unit together.
“Are you mad” she wrote as she maybe sarcastically said “ya I am with a guy”. But as fiction may be before your eyes reader, there is truth to this.
I need to let you know, hey, we’re in this together like it or not.
Blackmail? I could give a f***. Who me? Nah, not me, I have peace in my life, okay, my neck hurts and my head flows pulsing like a river at times. Is there a state of happiness the psy’s here think or believe we miss? “Are you mad”? That you got a guy or went out last night? Hey, I got to know one thing, yes or no. Does that question bother you?

Am here to make sense?

Being legally and immorally locked up for my own good is not my cup of tea. Thank God for Bitcoin.

By William Mahler

Anyday someday
Anyday someday
Might you take a walk with me
Might you turn say to me
The trees are growing and they're nice and green
Just another rock and roller romantic scene
Anyday someday
Anyday someday
You might be, might behave
Who says this gotta make sense
All I know is your my best defense
Anyday someday
You might might behave
Doing things out of our own cave
Anyday someday
Anyday someday
Like a bird I fly away
Like a bird I fly away
Anyday someday
Do do do do
Anyday someday
Do do do do
Anyday someday
BMI 2020
ASCAP 2003

No Beba, I’m not mad at you, I’m just a guy wondering why and how you are who you are and that’s all, you understand? As for Corrina the mental health worker that thinks that any relationship with a member of the opposite sex beyond platonic is grounds for police involvement while being a patient here, you are out of your ever living nind Corrina. If she is arrested, I’m making your life a personal hell aren’t I? It’s why we chat back and forth, someday, God willing, come August 2021, I’ll be the bird flying to Jersey, Any day.

...Who Has The Right.
by Sammy Hagar

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