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William Mahler

Apr 25, 2021, 1:08:58 PM4/25/21
Life in Taunton State Hospital long term commitment. Sure, the state is paying for some if not all of us here as patients. Is that the reason why Victoria a long time charge nurse and Nicholas a mental worker will tell myself and Victor not to sing or rap here in the hallway or porch? Maybe it’s because of all state hospitals that I am aware of east of Worcester, we patients are subject to windows with gray sealant stuck to our 4th floor window with zero visibility outside and the reasoning is privacy. All Victor was doing was using his mouth to create a drum beat on the way back from lunch and Vicky like Nicholas to me earlier today told Victor “no beatboppin in the hallway.” Most of us sit in the day room, vastly silent save for minds memories and passing thoughts of here and now while reruns of movies are on tv. The hospital will pay thousands on DVD’s and pay for On Demand via Comcast/Infinty with freer up to the year movies but not allow us to watch any in favor of DVD’s unless the staff is feeling good. There is a computer lab but no one from Cain 4 East & West go there to my knowledge. All of us save me is unemployed. Thinkful.Com offers deferred payments of tuition to be paid only when a graduate of a six month 30 hour per week bootcamp turns into a 40K minimum per year hire. Deferred means, no payments until well underway of work. How to build commerce sites, data science, cyber security with a emphasis on logical thinking. The only logical thing to do was to tell the head nurse Jesse, the psychiatrist Ipoch, the charge nurse Vickie and a few mental health workers about it. Sure, turtle pace but do I believe my quick actions to tell them translates to quickness by those? It hasn’t in the week I told them since. Able bodied men on welfare SSI or nothing to pay their debts off and told to sit on their a55 all day and don’t be focused attentive or talk over a whisper so the staff can take notes about us? You wonder who is to blame for the way we are? At least I get to write as some just, well maybe 3 are truly cell gone in the brain people but for 10+ no one except me is going to school that I know of via Thinkful. I decide tomorrow officially, April 26th, Monday. The water bubbler is finally ordered back for us patients, slowly we are with your help going from amoeba’s to subhumans in the eyes of the staff. Overkill for sure. Some of the staff are familiar with the adult industry, JJ who claims to have had sex with Mila Azul aka “R” from Massachusetts and she was under 18 at the time tha I knew back then to meet JJ who works here now. Who’s being taken to school? Will there be grey film on the mandatory windows for the new mens rehab wing being built? Sure if we were flowers, we’d be dead no doubt.

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