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W. K. Mahler, Mahlers.Net

Sep 11, 2021, 6:33:52 AM9/11/21
The time 20 years ago today, from the night before, pre dusk, 10th
September, 2001.

I had been told by Janet & Chris Morris, then of M2 Technologies Inc.
the twenty soon to be terrorists were in "Worldchat" of the IRC. that
very night as they had been for sometime prior.


Phone call? Email? Vision?

Dare call me or anyone else it seems nowadays a 'schizophrenic" when
nowadays, an Israeli company sells entertainment audio systems designed
so the user can be the only person(s) in the room to hear a full blown
concert but the individual next to they / them, him / her might here a
feint rattle if close as 1/2 foot away, barely perceptible,

With a PC, Windows XP always on when powered down, unplugged and yes,
running without modern electricity, a audio/video player at the time (I
use to this day) that combined with Microsoft, did "choose of 10,000
mp3's "Calling Dr. Love" shortly after I had done talking via phone with
Leonda's physicians office. Rare then but common place.

Lest this be about technology?

"Bush is responsible" for this has been said over and over again
regarding the idea of 09/11/01.

It's been afoot since the 1970's when I became aware of "visions of God"
practiced on Cape Cod, home to the Kennedy clan and believe it or not,
The Earls, particularly, gas station owner Dennis Earl, of whom, easily
could be related to Bush.

Although am a Mahler, am not related to Gustav yet both of us are musicians.

The 9/11/01 lead terrorists had used University of Arizona computers
weeks ahead of 09/11/01 and had visited the now defunct Mahlers.Com.

I'll go to my grave before all Gods that Janet & Chris are only alive
today because our federal government relied on the three of us to
"bridge the gap" between classified and public knowledge.

I've finally spoke of 09/11/01 to a psychiatrist no less, my friends
here in Taunton, terra-firma is a man whom is best described as Lawrence
Fishburn, I Bruce Willis, Chuck Schumer, Liev Schreiber, Macaulay
Culkin, Reese Witherspoon, and a supporting cast of pro's of all things
'temple" human.

... I did spend my entire night with 20, then 19 terrorists, the one to
leave the chat, is in Super Max and yes, the federal government does as
does the "enemy" have the entire transcript, word for word.

I can't say I know consciously much about the Koran but Revelations of
the Holy Bible? That I do and it scratches the surface as to how to
approach future times from a "here and now" perspective.

Ordinarily I rarely pull of superhuman capabilities but that night,
typing in excess of near 100 words a minute, never an error. Leonda lay
in bed alone as I typed mercilessly words that can only be best
described as 'the future of mankind" and no I am not nor did I play God.

Spurts of energy as described have happened here, near July 4, 2021
weekend, for several hours, well, i went from avg to awesome in seconds
for several hours, the makings of a a-Capella performer all myself
originals to covers and I'm told, recorded, broadcast to places untold.

The point is I make, put to you, I am merely saying, if I can, you can too.

To the fighter pilots who put your lives into Kamikaze mode 20 years ago
today. I love you both.

"Every Breaking Wave" by U2.....

I spent my day in front of Judge Joseph Reardon, listening to a stunned
and busy court house, jailer and FM radio as the reporter said "WTF" and
not the initials. I heard the tower fall. I prayed for my niece and
nephew yet knew in some way, the sun will rise.

To the person(s) who believe we should've answered with nuclear weapons,
that's a tool best left alone since August 1945.

That's not to say the energy sans radiation isn't available...lest i
write of Hydrogen bombs too?

I know this next statement seems like a blatant push for $ and it is.

UNICEF.Org is for children worldwide to receive what we as people,
adults can and should give them. Please buy my music.


W. K. Mahler

11, 2001 - I'm Coming HomeOn
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