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Jan 9, 2021, 10:49:29 AM1/9/21
put it to you straight
mila fully understands my perception of me in her life
billy joel, a homely man like me, billy joel marries and fathers a child
with one of the most beautiful models of the age kristy brinkley
a woman that could marry the pope
well an exaggeration but you understand
so take it from how that comes across as to who i understand myself in
milas attention to me
and the level of trust she has placed in of all people, me? a reckless
idiot mixed up in bin ladens choice of jets
she is trusting me with the very true meaning of the reason why she
would not wake up
that simple
i am one extremely lucky man to say the least
so i have to spell out the reason why i do need your total strict
absolute mad hatter security for us two?
thank you
WKMahlerToday at 9:44 AM
ok, mila and janet morris, we all fully know the ramifcations of the
legal trouble the three of us are involved in
terrorism charges? to say the least
by all means,
this morning in the shower, the well, the lunacy of terror, the fire of
flames clawing into the sky, was translated into universally loved music
why do people love that
i had to stop and grasp the word "heart" fully from sammy hagars "who
has the right"
and to say, its times like that, well, maybe there is an excuse to not
have a microphone turned on by my own hand
at least those on the other side of the wall
hearing quite loud the very sound quiet to me
by total right of authority of the truth to mila in my life, is why i am
today working a revised version of "Walks Like A Lady" by Journey
and it is knock down beautiful
of the theme song of this life, i am quite humbled really to say, "Love
Is A Long Road" by Tom Petty
subject to say
and as for my original music
"GOT ME WORLDWIDE" i live to sing that song, i mean, that is my total
straight from the soul reason to be telling you as it is
and ya, its been online since august 29, 2001
to conceive of undertaking from my lips "september 11, 2001 - leonda
(I'm coming home) its as if i am asking for war
so, why i don't
"what do you know" if memory is correct, none other than jamie moises
and legit freddie mercury late summer 2003 heard it live
how do i get the nutters to tell anyone that i don't know but its in the
inbox of queen fan club and brian may himself
and okay
2003 summer of, coming down the walkway along the prodigal son
three people
imagine, the complete shock i easily didnt feel but took as quite
believable yet, to grasp i ask you the ungodly misery the uk, europe
worlwide, the grief of losing diana
harry, diana and william in that order less than a 1 1/2 foot direct
center front of me in disguise
ya, i got some insulting to their grief words there
but fuck, it did happen
some three people out of cruelty dared to look like them
to say to the dignity of diana herself
november this year, 23andme reported my birth mother and diana are dna
related going back almost 2 centuries
and really, standing in the yard, next to the fence with seaview ave on
the other side, all by my lonesome self summer 2004-5? charles and
camilla side by side walked south of me within 3 feet distance alone
so, its vivid in my mind
and beyond why i wast there with a camera i have to accept
okay, little cottages crammed next to each other
and i look over the fence
watering the grass, with a hose, david letteman
practically my summer neighbor
how long he was there over time i don't know
at a bar in yarmouth, union station
my friend sheri lynn, my friend lou cataldo? my friend harlan pease?
well for certain, sheri, "Stillwater"
she sings mastery of country and rock
at times, with angelic gracee
this is around 2004 or back
so, its crowded, a lesbian following and my wife and i are accepted entirely
who walks in with his wife and asks me if they could sit next to us at
the table using a fake name
Jaay leno
maybe all these names are new to you
but as i know them, the are the industry biggest celebrities of talk tv
nationwide at the time
and we are regular people friendly and at peace
i ask to what imagination is
when one night, walking by a bar
outdoors my wife and i
i stop to watch a tv loudly heard from inside
and jay leno or was it letterman said "wkmahler"
i am wkmahler
delusion? no, fake video? just for me at that only got it tv
shit ya you anonymous are wizards at that magic
˜”*°• Mr.Kurd •°*”˜Today at 10:10 AM
For real how do you find all the time to write all this?
Or it is therapy?
WKMahlerToday at 10:11 AM
so, is ti plausable, okay, that the nationally known celebrities such as
beyonce, taylor swift, queen, springsteen are actually only earning a 40
hour workweek paycheck and largely maybe take home 75,000 a year
that is conceivably how the money is made for the government
they dont even see ticket sales
but that is just as it seems fiction
anonymous, its the only sane reason to tell you this, if not humane for
my sense of self in letting you and everyone here exactly what is going
on in the usa itseslf
as we are largeely a poison in military intervention we here in the
states are told are humanitary reasons
if that were true humanitarian military
russia and the usa would be allles every sense of the word to bring a
complete fight stop resolution
no more war
and its without doubt, fact
its stupid of me to say, dare to doubt that anyone of you and i
this coming from me, not making a bomb threat, helping law enforcement
and vilified charged with a bomb threat
its how the government and the military are handling this in syria to a
easily understood capacity
with the weapons i know i myself told you we have
not nuclear
end of discussion
so, ya usa im your citizen, natural born cape cod native citizen in the
full view of everyone known inside the usa as terrorist organizations
id be batshit crazy for myself to not say of myself, its my way of
saying believe with at least, a holy reason to accept i and millions of
my people to the core of ourselves want peace
that is my message told to you
and why the feds let me in here
and a large part of my thinking with mila alone overnight
in entertainment
this next statement is a version of an encore
and it is going to fuck up george bush i suppose but he told me himself
last night
bin laden, norway alive
i gotta believe that
if he is honest george is honest
he is saying, bin laden is our second coming of christ himself
jesus beat the crap out of the bankers, wrecked the bulidings
and that is september 11
its my only sane to myself logical explanation
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