Just Believe It

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William Mahler

Jun 9, 2021, 11:50:21 PM6/9/21
troy love died the other day, drowned here in Massachusetts…yesterday, my brother troy died 10 years ago, related to lisa love my cousin lisa. today, an ashley was killed by a William. yet the ashley i know is my nephew, brandon, his wife, brandon is troys son. cbs wbz boston reported the two stories tonight at 10, yet my “name” isn’t in the news, its apparent, i see connections
as for "my ex wife’s sister, i imagine her dad, i affectionately call “luigi” aka mr. donkey kong himself would probably sing “hammer to fall’ lol and take it to a camera or two if his daughter is “here” okay? but, well, fyi, lauren hill? as for the social worker here south of me, 'here” and i do not refer under me lol, well, i merely looked at your face last week online and thought, hmmmmm. little did i realize you’d be :“here”.
here is a lyric or two but before you get them.
the fact that by random "chance’ i was told by god himself to put my eyes tightly closed index finger on a random page and word also as his answer to my question "who is my best friend for better or worse’? literally, the word TROY was under my finger ladies and gentlemen.
that was 2004.
tonight with big he ain’t brendan fraiser but could be in Israel in five years because he asked me where he’d be and my finger randomly landed on a page with his name on it with Israel in the same sentence.
tonight dave asked “is my father going to hell” so, i guess his prostitution days best be long gone and done or he is well, acdc song anyone? yes, hell ain’t a bad place to be. ask the spirit of bon the truth to his lyrics. nothing like a womans scorn? From a random page his answer came out of his bible and my choice of pages.
so with that said, the third question asked tonight was “is dr. ipacs” evil? and that was daves question to that came the random page answer, “terrorizes” under my finger.
so we do understand, now you might perceive us usa citizens have a space ship from circa 1960’ish form our 24th century and that is why i am a “know it all”.
for my resume, upon request, my request is please read my bio at mahlers . net
i love you girls!
peace, your heat seeking missile in me lol if you need to be um, freed.
no sexual innuendo intended.
hopefully I’ve not pre-bitten off more than i can choose.
this dawg will bite its master if his dawgett so much as gets the temptation to be spread across the nation…
this is home this is mean street - dave roth.
now for some peaceful music?
with morgan johnston of nashville and my native cape cod former home itself,
Demon in the sky
Hurricane Bill in your eye
“just believe it”
“believe it”
should’ve could’ve known it see it
how do i tell you,
i sing it
i might be the most popular guy on the planet,
but damn it
“just believe it”
“believe it”
more to gain and less to blame
angel woman up upon my right
heard you out of sight
she said “best believe it”
“just believe it”
“believe it”
soul stirring, cloud blurring
sticky situation, across my nation,
it’s only assur-ed,
to me
i am below my heart breathing deeply
give away all my money i don’t need it
just believe i don’t believe it
institution, what mental pollution
be human, no more fumin
if the sky were the ocean i am drowning
why am i frowning?
I don’t believe it" with an open mouth
going nowhere heading south
is it plain to you i might be insane
calm to blame
to my, my left spacial distance
in remittance
what does it mean to say “bullet”
don’t pull it
“Just pull it”
beba, go on it ain’t beggin’
but they way yer headin’
might as well be
maybe a rest stop
or a plane hop
does this make sense
why “sit on the fence”
indecision, pause ignition
chance ignition
just believe it
believe it
i don’t see it
hmmm no looking back
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