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William Mahler

Aug 19, 2021, 4:30:41 PM8/19/21
Homecoming & Call For Modeling Submissions
Thursday, Aug 19 @ 11:08 AM


Two weeks ago, the daughter of the executed former leader of Libya Aisha contacted me via Instagram. Stranger things have happened. Between Santander Bank, Massachusetts State Police, Waste Management, Houston, Texas, Florida and New York University, a connect the dots if you will adventure into anti nuclear waste terrorism has been going on for the better part of two weeks now. The target? Most likely the NYC Central Park Homecoming concert August 21, 2021. All this work may have prevented any said threat but til its over, we will be vigilant.

Discharge is all but certain now, as my psychiatrist has stated a three day waiver will go unopposed nd he has, barring outlandish behavior any reason to hold me "hostage" anymore.

Mind Freedom International is seeking volunteers to man positions aimed at fair and square.

Am seeking a model to be on the cover of my new album, Anyone over 19, willing to pose nude, revealing yet, made publicly acceptable, female and willing to donate your effort to a charity cause, with full back credit to you, as sales will benefit UNICEF.Org for childrens relief worldwide, please contact me before September 15, 2021 with your ideas, fin

al submissions are to be made by no later than October 3, 2021.

If possible, a bareback nude, stepping into water, pond, ocean, lake, stream etc. as the sun comes up, for charity, not paying gig but full credit will be made.

Essentially you will be bare breasted as if one with nature, speaking with God as the sun is rising. As long as the sunrise cooperates, the weather warm, water it is, this could be done in a field as well.

All submissions must be HD quality photos, minimum 2500 x 2500 pixels in size and full unedited color.

The final cover will be photoshopped to protect your identity and to pass public acceptance.

If serious, contact me at wil...@mahlers.net or 17744183253 subject in it "Model".

Best, William

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