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W. K. Mahler, Mahlers.Net

Jan 4, 2021, 6:18:30 PM1/4/21

For me to actually conceptually believe that I could simply gain access
to Joe Biden by not by common definition of announcing oneself, making
vocal or written announcements, I refer to as simply as going over to a
friends house expecting without question to be let in? The White House?
My friend Richard almost always answers the phone, I am welcome as if
I am his son. Joe Biden? Understand, he openly walked without any
security whatsoever, no cell phone, not even a pen, just sneakers,
socks, gym shorts, open dress shirt and other than that bare chested
with a beautiful antique marble sky baby blue cross outlined in real
silver with a chain around his neck? Joe Biden? The former vice
president? Ya know straight he'll never be able to do that again now.
Well, Bush did it in 2003. Obama sent his doppelganger to a homeless
shelter and Louis and I spoke for a couple of days. Hillary Clinton
during the late 90's while supposed to be on Martha's Vineyard as the
public thought, actually was driven up to where I was, in a green pinto,
a car that I believe at the least was a replica of my mothers car. The
first lady. No doubt you don't believe me. If anything it damn well
seems this is a tall tale but it's not. The day Clinton appeared, I had
already spoken to the brilliant mind of Bill Clinton via WXTK 95.1 FM
radio about landscaping no less, at least on air. He said, after we
both interrupted each other, he said, "well let me ask you this, what
would you do to beautify the White House without removing my wife? Ed
Lambert laughed as I said "no comment". My boss's Jeff & Keri doubted
this but they heard the cassette. So, at least I knew, considering what
took place with Janet & Chris in the middle east, anything could happen.
For starters, two people were with Jeff that at first glance looked
almost identical to Monica Lewinski and the president. At first that's
who I believed it were. Years later, around 1999, landscaping for
Turf's Up! in Dennis, that woman showed up across the street from where
I was, clearly not Lewinski. What does that say about what actually was
going on in the White House beyond public testimony? Probably just the
tip of the iceberg. I'm going on to say, Clnton trusted me with
information I heard but do to language barriers did not understand. As
I waited to talk with him on hold, a digital signal was introduced to my
analog. None other than a North Korean speaking voice was talking and
for all intent purposes to me for I heard no one else. Later on that
day or maybe next, I learned as everyone else watching the news, two
North Korean generals defected to the USA. Clinton on vacation, talking
with callers including me at the same time was deep in with
international stuff, the true definition of multi-tasking LOL. To say i
didn't take into consideration as to who I was to him beyond a citizen,
but my at least perception in role regarding M2 Technologies to him,
maybe did and do understand why I was let in on that. Ed Lambert, a
former CIA member, did he know? Maybe, I've tried telling him but I
leave room to say, he doesn't at least from me know the full scope of
myself. He should, it's why he's a go to guy in information and
resource. He is to me a ally if not a personal friend at least someone
that has proven credibility and I"m telling you he is truly an asset to
Cape Cod. He's busy, can you understand why I hope to spend time for
hours on end alone with him? Would he? Could he? With what you know,
its easy to believe he would but I assume nothing.

As for Trump, the only two members of his family that has been up close
and practically next to me is one of his sons, late winter 2017 in the
Duck Pub Inn bar, literaly quiet for at least an hour directly next to
me to my right, nursing a drink. Perhaps Tiffany? One of the younger
daughters amidst a group of her friends made direct long time eye
contact with me outside the Boston Public Library. It's within reason to
say, none other than in public at the same library, Chelsea Clinton
looked me in the eyes as she held a book by a rack and smiled. Chelsea
Clinton, in public, full view and no one seemed to notice. Only in
America. The freedoms I've been given are easily understood to have
been abused simply by speculating and just about planning the worst
assault ever to happen in US history. But, being a artist, everything
imaginable goes into the product and truly this was the unthinkable but
coming from minds that are tamer than those known in Hollywood. James
Cameron? The Terminator? What is he really saying? It's not a stretch
to say, we are facing nuclear annihilation by a walking talking
synthetic robot hell bent on tearing our literal hearts out of our
chests simply because with history clearly truthfully showing good
reason albeit insane reason why we'd be wiped out. When I had lasik
surgery July 12, 2001, I had not a clue that circa 2006 in a Cumberland
Farms, a child would point me out to her mom and say "mommy thats the
man with a camera in his eye". Do I have a laser made biological camera
that sends out images to God only knows what? My eye for goodness sake.
Sure, humans can project imagery easily but to think a photograph can be
made from the lasik enhanced left eye of mine? What a over the top
suggestion but almost believable and no I don't. When I wss landscaping
for a company circa 1999, one day, "Stubby", his wife and child at the
end of the day we sat around drinking beer. His son, I seen the back of
his head. Near the top back side of his long blonde hair, there was a
skin clear patch in the shape of an arrowhead. Stubby told me it was
due to if I recall, a vitamin deficiency, Later on that day, I emailed
Janet of this. The very next day, in the parking lot yard of Coy's
Brook Landscaping, I wish I had a telephoto lense and why? There amidst
a complete cloudless blue sky, was one cloud and in the perfect form of
an arrowhead. That told me we have weather weapons or God was making a
statement. Considering I let Janet in on this, you do understand why I
tell you she made it happen and from in front of her computer in
Barnstable, in a room that could also be a bedroom. Fathom exactly what
she wields from an easily invaded home.

Vice President Gore introduced Janet impromptu on public radio I heard
while at work via WXTK. So you begin to comprehend, she was with our
President, Vice President and God only knows who else during the same
time she had already been face to face with Osama Bin Laden himself.
Yep, if they didn't know she gave him that book, well the implications,
perhaps I'd keep my mouth shut too.This no doubt is the stuff of
legendary proportions and I'm telling you with mixed pride. Would you?
Ya, if you didn't, well I respect that entirely. While working for Jeff
Lena, the two of us were carving out the side of a piece of front yard
property at a steep angle. Jeff left one day to get supplies as I was
left to clean up the area. On this end of the street, there was a
roundabout. The only way out of the street was to head back from where
one came, unless a car was driven through the woods, impossible. Well,
three army fatigue soldiers drove by and then within seconds in a cherry
red convertible, none other than Chris Morris. We made eye contact. I
didn't let on at all that day, that week where I was going to be, only
Jeff and Keri knew and kept that on a dial up ready laptop. After the
two vehicles left the area, I was open to the possibility they were
telling me something, to make a statement. They did. As I stood there
on this blacktop road, within the center of this road, with not a
drainage ditch, cover anything within at least 50 feet from that, there
I saw what appeared to be rising gas in the form of a human being and
this person spoke. You can believe our armed forces then, had
invisibility camo. Discovery Channel with Janet & Chris demonstrated it
and I witnessed it. It was told via the internet all over the Usenet
and at "W. O. M. P.: Weapons Of Mass Protection" an offshoot of
Mahlers.Com so I was telling the public from a near minimum wage,
government housing assisted point of view, we got some truly one of a
kind tools :-) From some perspectives, hard to believe considering it
was reasonably seen to be unbelievable and of all people, why me? I ask
why did God let me into this, this near one of a kind life that hasn't
brought me financial independence at all.

If anything I'd be wise not to let you read this and keep it for a
publisher so I can sell it. But, you should not have to pay one penny
for this cosndering your invaluable life was messed up to say the least
permanently and you are lucky considering those who painfully died by
our sheer stupidity and I'm calling Clinton, Bush, Gore. Cheney, and
everyone else who knew complete stupid reckless thoughtless careless
near insane idiots who at the least should be sued financially into
poverty. Do you not agree they shouldn't earn a sijgle penny from any
of this including financial benefits from being a former president?
It's largely why I by design I suppose don't earn a penny for to me
seems, dirty money, even if spent by beautiful people. How Springsteen
could earn royalties from "The Rising" and live with himself? Ya, just
like the rest of us, he's got bills to pay and to be fair he donated
huge amounts of money and of all people let himself completely
defenseless and wide open to unimaginable pain he willingly exposed he,
his family and band mates to by being personal with every single person
he could get too. Commendable no doubt. I've only just begun to do
that. Doing this in writing, at the least tells you I'm hoping for
humanity towards me. To say I made quite the few friends is an
understatement, this is invaluable and I'm risking myself entirely by
lettting you in on this. But with zero regret and the possibilities to
me are endless. Maybe I could simply knock on Bruces door and if not
suprised, he'd welcome me in and let me make myself feel at home. But
I'm probably being more than respectful to his privacy and what is
common sense logic if it is that, like any superstar, security is a
must. Joe Biden is probably a martial arts guru, why else would he be
seemingly defenseless within at least two miles of where the American
leader of ISIS wss in the home I stayed in at the time.

I can totally understand why if at all, Bruce doesn't contact me but
after this and more coming, I hope he does. I need a clear does of
human reality from none other than the most human guy I know of a public

William K. Mahler
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