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Last Night...:-) On Love, Soul Speak, Springsteen, Queen And September 11, 2001

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W. K. Mahler, Mahlers.Net

Jan 5, 2021, 8:06:34 AM1/5/21

If after you read this, and want to know more, you are humbly welcome to
know in full, the complete truth as to why Bin Laden of all things chose
jets against America. This is being told from me, nobody else but me at
present and I am one of three involved. Okay? I hope someday, your
borders will open, and we can all smoke large amounts of marijuana for
days and nights on end. I do completely understand why you are armed
with nuclear weapons and in no way object. We the USA are seen as
bullies and we are no doubt. We've cost you huge economic problems and
for that, alone, you are more than right to your actions. Anyone to
dispute that ain't playing with a full deck.4

William Mahler

Last night.

I lay in bed well past midnight. Janet approached. I'm the only one
person physically in the room. My mind, spasms. Janet said "he's
having spasms". OkCupid. There is a Kristina who could easily also be
Kylie Jenner. Krinstina, in my mind, nudging my mind, a pleasant
polarizing nudge, consistently. Rest, non tense, closing, yet leaving
room to be acutely attentive and aware. Biting, at the base of you
know, the one place a man should not be bit. I've not felt that since
probably earlier this century. Janet implies "she bit you". Janet upon
viewing my mind with Kristina said "that's what we're afraid of".
Janet, afraid of me being with Kylie Jenner? Thats taken seriously with
a chuckle. But, to be with Bruce Jenner in my life personally? Can't
argue I've got distaste for him but respect him. That's who Kylie is
connected to. Kylie Jenner, biting me last night? Its who I saw in this
imagination, purely imagination. But I know I'm talking soul. One if
not the most sought after woman in the USA, most beautiful, influential
young mothers in the USA and she approaches with ease inside my head? I
can see the possibility of her launching a lawsuit literally for saying
that. But its the damn truth. She soothed me, she got me to relax my
mind, not Janet, Kylie aka Kristina. For a while there, I was near
unconscious in a alert state of mind. To actually feel my heart, let a
woman get to me to feel my heart, pump, live with untold emotion, not
even my music does that to me when I make it. It's as if I am
physically ignorant to myself regarding anything than the occasional
chuckle and the all too familiar cries, tears, whimpers, it's pain and
I'm absolutely lucky I don't feel the sheer unhinged pain that everyone
felt due to Janet, Chris and I. Why anyone hasn't simply put a bullet
through my head yet or I've not hung myself is only Gods knowledge. Who
do I want in my mind, my soul, my personal life intimately? I've gone
on record to say, for me to be with anyone in New York is a suicide
mission, nothing short of that. But, who else? Traveling from Florida
to Boston by bus, winter 2005-6, within less than 100 yards maybe of
crossing into New York from New Jersey, torrential rain flooded the
windshield and stayed relentlessly that way until that same bus crossed
into Connecticut. This is utterly and entirely New York talking to me
and nobody but me alone on a nearly full bus, Trust me there is not one
living person on the planet that will ever make a dent into my mind to
question why it was raining that day. To say New York was grieving with
and for me is hopefully the Gods honest truth. To say it was New Yorks
way of saying, we don't want you on our soil, we are washing our state
while you are here, you we blame and are evil, is absolutely my thoughts
on the subject. May seem a bit of a stretch and if you do think that,
maybe you can't comprehend truth. Is this bragging? God I hope not.
Kylie aka Kristina? Ah yea, a soul stirring woman any man would consider
dying for including me. But was she directly in New York? Is she a
direct survivor? Nope. Do I deserve, certainly a survivor would be
outright abused by God to put me in her romantic life. You understand
the things I'm conceiving. At least Bruce, entirely innocent of 091101
is gifted the ability I don't deserve. It's plainly why despite who and
what Janet, Chris and I are to this nation, why Bruce is incalculably
the go to creative force to tell it like it is. As far back as 1981
when friend and neighbor John Rivoli introduced me to his Springsteen
collection, with "The River" slated to be released. I grasped who Bruce
was and knew his work spoke. "Something In The Nighr" he lived that.
"Factory" if his dad didn't, his close friends dad did. "Badlands"
maybe he wasn't in the actual land of badlands, eventually no doubt he's
been there. Considering his turmoil at the time, "Badlands" speaks
complete justifiable truth for him and for anyone. "For the ones who
had a notion, a notion deep inside, that it ain't no sin to be glad
you're alive' Holy !!!!, descriptive beyond my reckoning as an artist.
"Adam Raised A Cain" his version of actually himself standing in the
rain as his dad stood in the doorway, both with the same hot blood in
their veins. Um, personally speaks complete truth to my relationship
with my father inside and out like no other I know. So, yoiu begin to
perceive from a mere few examples his profound ways of truth speak. Now
I know for certain why he's my only choice to tell this story. No other
has been really considered. In the UK, the biggest band since the
Beatles, Queen, they barely scratched the surface with two songs, "We
Believe" & "Through The Night" but their new material creative days are
reportedly long done and gone, truly a travesty. Adam Lambert in my
opinion, other than myself along with Brian, Roger and Spike Edney can
no doubt come up with music almost if not more profound as "Bohemian
Rhapsody". I'm serious. Bruce is equally on par yet entirely, perhaps
the closest he's come to writing material on par with Queen, is maybe,
"Radio Nowhere". Bruce is a life story teller personifed, aptly and in
detail giving the listener a visionary account of a persons life.
Queen? There are exceptions, the completely precognitive, prescient
1974 song of HIV/AIDS "The Prophets Song" is as serious a song you'll
ever hear from anyone. No one to my knowledge of music had at the time
approached the thought of HIV/AIDS and Brian May writes, perhaps
cryptically but clearly of the subject. So now you know, how I learned
to make "Prelude To September 11, 2001 - Leonda (I'm Coming Home)",
created and recorded in front of a audience, the Prodigal Son coffee
house, August 29, 2001. But I'm letting you in one when my song first
came from my lips in front of John Rivoli, 1982 just on the border of
his driveway along with "Got Me World Wide' the only time from then
until August 29, 2001 it came from me and literally for every nano note
and second the same. In a sense, that's what sector cell terrorists do
and I'm that type of musician as well. From all this, I'm debating as to
whether or not, you perhaps believe of me to have an oversized ego.
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