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W. K. Mahler, Mahlers.Net

Sep 18, 2021, 5:47:32 AM9/18/21
“Peanut Psychology”
By William Mahler
September 18, 2021

April 2017, my life was full of adventure and I was essentially,
homeless. Why? Society do to corrupt Law Enforcement, Barnstable
Policeman Kevin Shaw and his unfounded accusation I was video making a
bomb threat against a church, combined with a landlord who’s ultimate
goal was to have me as an unwilling lover, well, it got me on the
streets. The memories that flood my mind I want to tell you about that
could make it here. I will say, heroin was abundant at Kathy Goulds
home so perhaps, though she wasn’t a party to use, the tenant, James and
his 5’6” leprechaun aka ISIS in America leader were best left there for
good DEA as then future President Joe Biden and “possibilities” the very
word at his nomination acceptance was heard, came from my inches away
lips to his ears, face to face, within a week or two before life, became
bars and I do refer to lockup. Blame myself of absolute rage a social
worker for the town of Barnstable decided to ID me publicly for helping
law enforcement regarding illegal drug activity and the town LCSW
regrading behavior of similar homeless people? I had been sleeping at
“Backstreets’ aka Terry’s condo, first stop after Boston and the
ever-overpopulated Southampton Shelter, noisy to the point I abandoned
it despite a less than 30 day wait to my own shared room with former
military personnel regardless of discharge a program exclusive then of
Boston. But with one of two working bathrooms for 300 men at South
Hampton and it’s day program, the lack of service for homeless literally
on Cape Cod equal yet less in number of sheer volume of homeless people.
A highlight of life in Boston? Then outgoing President Obama’s
doppelganger, Louis at Southampton and I smoking cigarettes. Six pack
abs, lean 3 meal a day food and a random bed. The Pilgrim Shelter over
by the Strand was closed so I heard recently, hopefully to finally get
cleaned and a new bathroom. By Gods saving grace? The lovely absolutely
treated with lady like respect, Sandy 😊

I let myself experience homelessness when all I had to do is either
overpower the mentality of said societies stance on mentally ill people
whom refuse to comply or to cow to piggish Department of Mental Health,
corrupt Cape Cod Health Care and worse, rogue outlaw police whom between
the three entities, always manage to blame the innocent into being
guilty, the guilty of being innocent and occasionally getting life done
correct. I actually walked into the FBI office entrance standing near
the lip of an elevator to speak with an agent about 09/11/01 and as if
I’d already been investigated back when Bush was President or the agents
had zero time, was turned away twice. Then, the reality of actually
being a undercover citizen dawned on me when a man met me downstairs and
had a bottle of water and a cigarette, my go to pleasure and we spoke
briefly. Within a year I believe I met him again as an employee he
became of then Correct Care Recovery Services segueing (merging) into
Well Path, the 180-degree mentality opposite towards the overall
treatment of people, examined to be or not to be ill in mind at the
feared for decades by the murderous Department of Corrections up until
March 2017.

The informant I was for the FBI and the friend I made in Luke of Well
Path, how you may or may not perceive being an informant, well, Luke
remembers me as does Jodi, Kristina and many others including barefoot,
eighth month pregnant mental health assistants overtired from double
shifts, eyes closed amongst us accused of the worst of crimes.
Including Manny, the “I’m innocent” 10 bullet in the brain of a Weymouth
Polices own and a innocent bystander who’s only “offense” was being in
Manny’s exit and as the local media clearly tells the truth too, well
out of line of actual site, take no chances and lock him up permanently.
BTW, Manny learned that firearms discharge gas and after 11 bullets
or one, trails were all over him. My bisexual girlfriend, okay,
platonic, well, one night as I slept, the next morning, the first thing
I did upon removing my angled under my head arm blanket that had been up
to my chin was find instantly the long fuchsia colored hair left by her
the night before, draped perfectly. Yep on duty – guard 101. Believe
me, I had actually slept single the entire night through. Eric, Wayne,
Ryan, Tom, Rodney, I haven’t forgot you. Rodney, “Black Cowboy”. Well,
how he managed to have four by six inch full two page black and white
pages of Hustler magazine and the one and only not so born again
Christian, Stanley Miranda and his new bride featured in intercourse”
and unable to be straight so Stanley stood between his brides wide open
legs and partially inside her, lol, well, this happened long after he
“devoted” his life to God and accused me of making a bomb threat
against Victory Chapel. It didn’t matter to a forensic psychologist
that armed with a defense attorney, private detective and Stanley
Mirandas and Pastor Paul Campos sworn affidavit against the lying Kevin
Shaw and his unholy accusation of me captured on video making the
threat, I was guilty according to the psychologist for I was not in
treatment nor taking meds, therefor, was not in control of my life. The
mentality of society ever so present in enemy territory, a by the book
wielding power freak psychologist. Surely her demented mentality would
sway to be less partial to being on the prosecutions side when the job
is to be non-partial to guilt or innocence, ultimately the role of a
jury. To be fair, I “you got to fight for your rights” is exactly the
psychological stance one should take to win the better judgement of
anyone. Don’t be so meek as a month young puppy, yet do be less than a
take no prisoners attack dog, personal and or law enforcement. Yellow
lab or happy homegrown Pitbull anyone? How to tell the truth and do it
“correctly” as deemed by doctors and law enforcement who act differently
themselves and rarely if ever do as I am left to believe of public
behavior and in my private moments, including inside locked mental
health facility. I do take a good long listen to the commentary I come
up with as to who and or what can assist me in daily life. Only college
would teach me more and I have zero plans to go save for Berklee online.
“F** you DMH” is not my overall snap long term judgement, it's just that
I have yet to really give up on society and the I’m Charlie” landing on
my ass for trusting Lucy with the football as I am to kick it, rather
than her take it away at last moment.

Coincidence? Not! What am I going on about? As of late I am to be
discharged finally after a year of involuntary treatment of Worcester
Recovery Center and the worse than blinded cage mentality of Taunton
State Hospital. Although I have a home to go to with Richard, my 80-
year young “Mr. Miyagi” and am well taken care of in many wills and
trust to never face homelessness again, unless I really do unrepairable
damage to finances. Roomates.Com recently has a Gina & Genesis” Here’s
what I found out, WXTK 95.1 FM has within it’s weekday broadcast a Gina
Genesis. If anyone on Cape Cod that could give me a fair and balanced
broadcast Q&A it’s former CIA agent and morning talk show host, 6-10 am
est Ed Lambert, five days, Mon-Fri.

As for the fact that ultimately I do intend on moving away from Richards
to be with people my own age, and the fact that between now and my first
appointment at Duffy Health Center of Hyannis is on hold for
Psychiatrist Joseph Ipoch and ever absent LCSW Nancy Moniz want the
state to pay an additional $50,000.00 for one months “care” here in
Taunton so I do make it to my appointment, driven there by one driver
and one mental health worker in a gas hogging van. So, I don’t get to
get my legs under me and speak to employers in my field of expertise,
landscaping in person, I might be lucky enough to find a shred of
“bread” amongst dozens of late coming cows aka chickens as I am
(analogy) when I could be with family in the warm weather, exercising
and becoming a real estate agent, destined to further D&B Realty of West
Yarmouth taught with and by a personal best friend, Richard Brown. Oh,
no, Dr. Ipoch, Lucky you are, it’s a who is going to blink contest now,
you or me and the court decides. Although you fully backed your own
initiated discharge of me, near unanimously agreed upon by staff and my
nonviolent behavior. Because I dared show some independence and
actually do seek to work for a living, cannot become a DMH worker myself
for a disabling full year after discharge (and I have zero intent of
anyway). Yep, in my state of Massachusetts, it cost the tax payers
local to federally upwards of $1,000,000,000.00 USD to build the
Sagamore Bridge overpass back at turn of the century or so. Now that is
to be completely undone backed federally by the Trump and Biden
administrations to replace by eminent domain and fairly stated here, $
of private property along the Cape Cod Canal to build new two bridges
connecting Cape Cod to Massachusetts. I guess, $50,000.00 is cheap
money for an economy that is reeling deeper and deeper into a
freefalling abyss of debt with a parachute mentality of landing in the
ocean of debt hundreds of miles from shore with no life raft. OBL was

While here in Taunton, I’ve honed my musical prowess and if there is
ever one fact to be thankful for, I am no longer able to smoke
cigarettes while angrily residing with not one but two level three sex
offenders that offended me and my brother Troy (RIP) when we were below
the age of consent and both Dr. Joseph Ipoch & LCSW Nancy Moniz on over
to Nursing Supervisor man of many names Jesse Hill knew by my own
admission since August 2020.

Sadly, my former landlord and friend Monica LeMay was found dead at age
57 in her Hyannis home, August 2, 2021. At one time, as her home is on
a small hill off of General Patton Drive, her looks to be man of many
names himself stood in front of her in her bedroom as she lay a towel on
the edge of her bed and I was asked to leave. Ya, her medical care was
“taken care” of despite being a full LGBTQ lesbian and a friend to this
hereto sexual me myself and I man I am of whom resided with her for
nearly three years after my divorce. Monica knew I was here by my own
email to her. Monica sent people in to help me she said, particularly
one person of whom I recognize now at 4:18 am “straight” Hill. Monica
died suddenly yet always took care of herself, her end coming while
having strep throat with no signs of foul play or drug use so I was told
by a state police officer. I think Jesse learned of Monic and I and she
was offed. Hill guilty or not, someone with a Godless mentality is
weaving a destructive path. Monica’s brother was a Pentagon employee
back circa 2010, a Captain. DMH, you have a traitor whom started the
wrong fight with the wrong people, me and Mr. LeMay.

It does indeed help that I am in good with people in other realms
connected to my life, musically and within the intelligence community of
our federal government long before most people were born, circa 1984.
Most importantly, only God judges. Ipoch pulled the football away and I
am yet again Charlie. It’s either I go home soon or remain here minimum
six months. Three-day notices based upon a section 10/11 conditional
voluntary stay are worthless and designed for the captors, hospital, not
the patient so it seems. There are two faced lying self-serving ego
driven animals running the hospital in the form of Ipoch & Moniz. I
highly recommend replacing both as soon as possible. For more of my
life as a CIA to Presidential advisor, read on in GoogleGroups.Com or
read my blog. I will for the forceable future, remain now, a POW of the
minds here in Massachusetts while to blow off steam, recording a new
blues – folk improv release scheduled for a late October release. Find
me in or

William Mahler
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