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Welcome to the Northern California Viola Society (NCVS) MARKET email list!

The NCVS is a chapter of the American Viola Society, a non-profit national organization dedicated to furthering the study, performance, literature and general love for and awareness of the viola. 

The rules on this MARKET email list / message board are simple, at least for now: 

1. The NCVS accepts no liability for any part or consequence of any sale or advertisement posted on this list.
2. Be Honest - if you are reported as being dishonest in your dealings with people on this list, we will remove you.
3. Be Nice. - if you don't have anything constructive to add to a given discussion, please keep out of it. If you are a jerk, we will remove you.
4. "FOR SALE" or "WANTED" ADVERTISING IS OK HERE - Many of our group members are luthiers, bow makers, instrument dealers, etc. and this MARKET list has been created in an effort to provide a sort of online flea market.. craigslist-for-violists... for them if they choose to use it, or for everybody else whoever finds a music accessory gem in their attic or inherits a box of sheet music they don't know what to do with, and on and on.. Post an informative ad here to get rid of it, or to let other MARKET-goers know what you're looking for, and maybe, just maybe, we can help connect you and get it done.
5. VIOLA-RELATED EVENTS ADVERTISING is OK HERE, but If you're an NCVS Googlegroup member, post it over there! i.e. trying to get the word out about concerts, recitals, master classes, festivals etc. that might be of interest to a member violist in our area - this would seem totally fine, but if you want to post something performance-related, post it in the regular NCVS group; there are likely more people there that would be interested, and we don't want unnecessary duplication of topics. The original NCVS group is here:

Remember: when you respond to a message someone sends to the group, you're responding BY DEFAULT to the whole group, not just the individual. If you wish to carry on the conversation privately, please pay attention to who your recipient is and modify as necessary.

The official NCVS website is The official NCVS email address is

These rules subject to change at any time.