Making my first balloon flight - Help please

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Jason Willis

Jul 17, 2019, 7:51:36 PM7/17/19
Hello all,
My name is Jason and I live in the Apex-Cary area of the state.  I am interested in putting together my first balloon launch and I have only the vague idea where to start.  My best idea is this email actually.
After seeing the emails for "Ben's big HAB project" towards next years Burlington Maker Faire which was targeted for schools, I thought too bad there isn't a similar thing for individual adults like myself who want to learn.  

Is there some one out there who is willing to take an old engineer by the hand and show him the ropes?   I am very comfortable with the technological concepts but I fear there may be many details I might be missing.

Please reach out to me via this list or a private email if you are able to provide guidance.  Links would be great but some one willing to mentor me would be even better!

I look forward to hearing from you.


Soon my army of Roomba minions will burst forth.

Paul Lowell

Jul 18, 2019, 10:08:27 PM7/18/19
to NC Near Space Research
Hey Jason!
This is a good place to start.   Be sure to visit and look over some of the group's flights.

Add this to your reading list:

I'm an old (according to AARP) engineer and live in Apex over by the auto dealerships.  I tend to fly these silly things far too frequently.  I currently have the group's launch kit and usually have a tank of hydrogen -- so that makes things easier.   We could meet up sometime and chat (Southern Peak?). 

I'm out of state until mid-next week, but I suspect that later in the month we could even get several of us together over some fine beverages (or similar excuse).  This would give you all sorts of data points to go off of.

Paul Lowell      paul  -at-
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