TURMEL: Richest Pauper's Letter to the Richest Man #1

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John Turmel

Nov 18, 1999, 3:00:00 AM11/18/99

Nov. 18, 1999

Dear Bill Gates:
It's been a month since I introduced myself to you in theatrical
style as I registered to break my record for most elections contested
the Hull-Aylmer federal byelection. Yesterday was voting day even
though this campaign was unique with no debates, no meetings, no
media, only paid media, I did better than the 1982 Broadview
byelection when I got my lowest score ever. I'll have to report to
Guinness that my second record for most election losses has also
Having made presentations on L.E.T.S. "anti-poverty lifeboat"
currencies to as many international anti-poverty conferences as I
could in the last three years, I'm happy to report I've booked my
tickets for the last one of the millennium coming up with a gathering
in Seattle of the "paupers and advocates" from many nations to protest
the World Trade Organization that's killing them with debts. Though
you might see many signs with "Abolish debt," you might see mine
saying "Abolish interest on debt." I intend to keep reminding everyone
that "Bill Gates could save us with a Microsoft L.E.T.S." That's the
good news of how close we are to a working banking system.
Throughout my public campaign to Abolish Interest rates, I've
used unorthodox tactics with much success. I've picketed my point home
with my Abolish Interest picket sign to countless public figures, the
Queen, the Pope, Reagan, Gorbachev, Trudeau, Rockefeller, Ralph Nader.
One would expect only Nader has endorsed Timedollars in preference to
national currencies. I think Seattle is a god-given opportunity to
suggest that after we have our "boo-the-banks" parades around the WTO,
IMF, World Bank, we should put on our happy faces, switch signs and
continue on with "Prayer-for-L.E.T.S." parades up to The Gates of
Microsoft Way. So, despite any dire and dour reports on the Seattle
meetings, you can expect to see some cheerful paupers coming up
Microsoft Way with our picket signs praying out loud that you give us
all Email L.E.T.S. timecurrency accounts by Christmas. I'll be the man
with the "Abolish Interest On Debt" placard, a L.E.T.S. diskette
button on my lapel wearing a suit, a white hard-hat, and an accordion.
I would very much appreciate the chance to meet you during the
days I'll be picketing Microsoft Way, Nov 29-Dec. 3. And every evening
after my picket, you'll be able to find me at the biggest legal Holdem
game in Seattle. Find it and you'll find me. I've heard you were a
good poker player and hope to impress you when I say I could probably
teach you more about poker engineering in an hour than all the books
you had ever read combined. Maybe you still play? Come play in the
biggest game in Seattle with me and think in units and I'm sure you'd
find your free lesson fascinating.
Though I don't mind being the greatest oddity ever seen in a
protest demonstration, I remind you of the life-and-death import of an
engineering responsibility. Ask any Canadian Engineer about his oath
and then consider that part of my bank poem about responsibility for
faulty engineering. My banking systems engineering motives are pure.
I've simply spotted an world-wide unstable positive feedback that
needs to be switched off and you are nearest to the switch. Please
give the longest-qualified even if most theatrical banking systems
engineer in the world the benefit of the doubt and have your engineers
do a technical inquiry into L.E.T.S. and let me make a presentation of
what I have already wagered is Nobel Prize winning math for detailing
the blueprint not only the better L.E.T.S. system but also of the
blueprint of the present malfunctioning interest system. No one's ever
said I was modest. After all, I am the only Great Canadian Character
in the Guinness Book of Records with a record that should stand
forever. Yours could too if we're successful in stabilizing the world
banking system to a linear mode.
Though the current Jubilee 2000 goal of getting the debt of the
42 poorest nations before the new millennium is now accepted as
hopeless, I still maintain abolishing only the debt service would be
quite sufficient. It's time for paupers to quit fighting the chains
and hit the "off" switch. And you have the power to turn on the switch
to a new era of L.E.T.S. linear banking while turning off the old era
of usury exponential banking. Many other industrialists also have the
requisite financial power but it will only be wielded by only one
person first. If the new millennium comes still infected with usury,
maybe I'll write a poem to the world's second richest man. Maybe
others. Maybe sooner. I've been chasing the beast of cancerous debt
growth for two decades and I'm just happy to be in on the kill even if
it's you with the honor of pressing the "off" button on the positive
feedback loop.
I just want you to appreciate how the kids will read our Richest
Man - Richest Pauper story. You've seen the often-used plot of Mr.
Spock freeing a world from a killer computer program. There is today a
malfunctioning Debt program that leaves people dead and Spock would go
straight for the guiding computer. But when the planet's strongest
financial hands happen to be near to that feedback "off" button, even
Mr. Spock would pass you the ball as I do now. Whether the hero clicks
the upgrade to the "lifeboat" software is what made Star Trek stories
so great though I don't remember ever being disappointed with the hero
failing to turn off the killer computer so that everyone could live
happily ever after. Even Mr. Spock must have had to suppress a twinge
of engineering emotion every time he saw the mere press of a button
liberate a world from a killer computer program.
Given Mr. Spock's engineering and game theory credentials, I'm
the closest thing to Mr. Spock you'll meet on this planet. And you're
my story's planetary hero. Can you see the L.E.T.S. vision, Bill? Can
you not see how eliminating the banker middlemen and doing our banking
ourselves with an internet timecurrency shuts down the parasitic
financial industry while boosting the real productive industry? In all
my writings over almost 21 years, I've stated that an interest-free
banking system, L.E.T.S. being simply a tried and tested Local
Employment-Trading System model, suffers no involuntary unemployment
or inflation and operates at maximum ecological industrial capacity.
So you really have the choice of being a global hero with the click of
a button, or not.
And keep in mind, as I do, that to right an engineering wrong
saves lives. Waiting one day to implement One-World L.E.T.S. loses
lives at the current daily estimated rate of over 100k a day who
perish from poverty, a K-slab in the last month of up to 3 million who
should have made it had I re-written and you responded sooner. With
over 40 days until Y2K, we're talking about a last 4 million still
savable for 1999. See my math.
Given I've invited hundreds of interested L.E.T.S. supporters
around the world to witness and participate in this Internet Campaign
to get Bill Gates to join the L.E.T.S. movement, you can trust me that
there's a world of evidence out there about the health benefits of
belonging to a L.E.T.S. "anti-poverty" "lifeboat." L.E.T.S. organizer
Kay Browatski from Muenster Germany says he's written you to explain
how L.E.T.S. could help the world. I expect others will soon be
writing too. But the best suggestion has to be to refer you for the
opinions of the members of the three Seattle-area L.E.T.S. around you:
Olympia: http://www.olywa.net/roundtable/sound_hours/look.html
South Puget Sound: http://www.olywa.net/vision/
Vashon Island: http://www.vashon.com/vashontime
Pauline Morrissette, my companion and archivist of the world-wide
L.E.T.S. movement from its early days who can charm with a thousand
L.E.T.S. stories of her own will also join me in Seattle for what may
be this last gamble for a One-World L.E.T.S. in the millennium. A
winning gamble just now would be timely, perhaps prophetic. If you
look at my entry in the Guinness Book of Records, you'll see I founded
the "Abolitionist Party." For a reason. The old movement got rid of
the metal chains but couldn't see the debt ones. We're the
Abolitionists to complete the job of liberation from all slavery.
If we upgrade the world banking system software to L.E.T.S. in
this year, we bring in the new millennium with the freedom of all
slaves bound by either debt or metal. I think it would be a tribute to
our generation and a nice symbolism about using a new high-technology
timemoney system to stamp out the killer debt system in time to greet
the next millennium with fair financial scorecards that leave future
generations unburdened by the debts of the last millennium's old
slavery model.
Of if we upgrade the world banking software to L.E.T.S. by Feb.
22, I'll be able to enter my 50th year in personal debt jubilee.
Or if we upgrade the world banking software to L.E.T.S. by May 1,
I'll be able to say I brought in my "Abolish Interest Rates"
engineering project in under 21 years, a favorite number of this
Blackjack King. I could retire from politics to bigger and better
poker games and research. I'm certainly due a couple of Nobels for
poker systems of which I'm far prouder than the trivial analysis
exposing an insanely deadly feedback in the chips system. Once I've
seen the chips fixed, back to what's really interesting though
studying how humanity could have been sucked into contracts promising
to repay 11 when only 10 were taken out will intrigue, if not amuse
and dismay, historians for years to come.
My website picture on the stage of this year's 1999 Chain of Debt
festival in Cologne has a background that says "Jubilee 2000." Not
"Jubilee 2001." Those with me on that Jubilee 2000 stage with their
"Cancel debt for the 42 poorest countries" signs have already gone
home knowing it's game over, it won't happen. But the last guy on that
stage with the "Cancel interest on debt for all" and The Engineer
hard-hat on hasn't gone home knowing that concentrating on the tumor
on the debt and not the whole debt is the simpler and easier
engineering solution for all, not a few. With your support, this
Banking Systems Engineer would earn my final sobriquet: The Jubilee
2000 Engineer.
No more debt collectors, no more due dates, no more fear,
A One-World L.E.T.S. with stable debts is very nearly here.
Debt freedom a la Jubilee 2000 Engineer,
Through Billy Gates, the Jubilee 2000 Financier.
A possible refrain to the Richest Pauper's Prayer to the Richest

from http://www.cyberclass.net/turmel/praybill.htm

Richest Pauper's Prayer To The Richest Man
For a Microsoft Email L.E.T.S. Timedollar checking account by Y2K

October 15, 1999.

To ask...@microsoft.com : World's Richest Man
From tur...@ncf.ca : World's Richest Pauper

Hello, Bill Gates, "World's Richest Man," a Guinness claim to fame.
I'm John Turmel, "World's Richest Pauper," politics my game.[1]
"The Engineer," "The Gambler." 48 elections clear,[2]
As "Abolitionist," "L.E.T.S. Banking Systems Engineer."[3][4]
"Blackjack King;" "Casino Czar;" "Robin Hood;" "Millionaire;"[5][6]
"Guerrilla Lawyer;" best "Bank Fighter Extraordinaire."[7]
"The Great Canadian Character Anthology" says best,[8]
The motive for my Pauper's twenty-year persistent quest.

As Dr. Walter Schneider, "Math of Gambling" Prof. can swear:
"He went from apolitical to running everywhere;
One day his interest in interest existed not.
Next day, its abolition was his motivating thought."
The Pauper's seen some high-school buddies choose to quit the game,
You too, "The Man," have buddies I would bet checked out the same.
No loanshark, "Richest Man," earned gains were making tools I use.
You should concur with Richest Pauper's engineering views.[9]

In Nehemiah 5, he says: "You must do as we do.
So "Stop exacting interest!" It is the Big Taboo."
St. Thomas 95 is verse where Jesus said it best:
"If you have money, do not lend it out at interest."
Another prophet great, Mohammed known in Muslim lands,
Decreed that it was "sinful if one interest demands."[10]
No "Mort-Gage" interest and they'd have shouldered life with ease,
But their "Death-Gamble" poverty was fatal their disease.[11]

Ralph Nader's found the banks today "unsafe at any speed,"
And has endorsed Timedollar L.E.T.S. banks "safe for every need."[12]
I penned some verses on how L.E.T.S. could end Queen's poverty,[13]
But palace staff were little help. No high tech whiz had she.
Yet L.E.T.S. in British Parliament hears M.P.s voicing "Yes."[14]
"No tax for trading time with neighbors." U.S. I.R.S.[15]
Australia says "lifeboat" L.E.T.S. cushions community.[16][17]
Great Britain's politicians hail L.E.T.S. "anti-poverty."[18][19]

I've marched with Jubilee 2000, though they are ill-aimed,[20]
Forgiving poorest's debt is alms, no panacea claimed.
But White House, I.M.F., World Bank saw Pauper's placard best,
That "Banks Starve Third-World Babies," so "Abolish Interest."[21]
With interest switched off in banker's debt machinery,
Those former "chains" of debt become mere "straps" borne easily.
So Pope, reformers, Jubilee 2000's date is near,
Yet Ecuador's "not poor enough" to qualify this year.[22]

"Debt Cancellation," "Tobin Tax," they're splashing in the pool,
The problem's in the money pumphouse. "Interest" the tool.
The vast solution takes all errant money-pumps in hand,
It's not a half-vast splashing in the money pool that's planned.
Relief could reach the whole wide world to ancient strife placate.
Imagine Earth as Eden with no feedback causing hate.
The Christians and the Muslims and the Nazis and the Jews,
Are in agreement L.E.T.S. conforms to everybody's views.

The Richest Man must also tire of a game gone mad,
But you have power to switch off the feedback that is bad.
An Online L.E.T.S. by Microsoft to shop with "Hours" we trade,
With global lifelines reaching all and money local made.
We'll gladly pay our service charges, cash or Green amounts,
If you'll be veins and arteries to link our L.E.T.S. accounts.
Millennium! L.E.T.S. Jubilee! Give "World-Class Gift!" you can,
If you grant Richest Pauper's Prayer To The Richest Man.

In Matthew chapter 6 verse 9, Christ taught us how to pray:
So every day till Year Two Thousand, here is what I'll say:
"Our Father, who in Heaven art, hallowed be thy name,
Thy Kingdom come when L.E.T.S. be done on Earth as Heaven, the same.
Give us now our daily bread, forgive us all our debts,
As we forgive our debtors all their debts with this new L.E.T.S.
And to temptation, lead us not. No debt which suffocates.
L.E.T.S. Jubilee 2000 from our Santa Billy Gates.

Amen with The Engineers

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The Richest Pauper's Prayer to the Richest Man Poem above.
If you agree we need Email L.E.T.S. for our planet to survive, also
write Bill Gates at ask...@microsoft.com and send him your prayer
explaining why you think Email L.E.T.S. could help you and yours.

John C. "The Engineer" Turmel, Founder, Abolitionist Party of Canada
915-2045 Carling Ave., Ottawa, K2A 1G5, Tel/Fax: 613-728-2196
LETS Abolish Interest Rates http://www.cyberclass.net/turmel
For TURMEL topics http://www.egroups.com/group/turmel


Nov 18, 1999, 3:00:00 AM11/18/99
John, your annoying. Give it up. Seeing your name on Elections report
every election is burning my eyes. Go away!

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Steven Kaasgaard

Nov 19, 1999, 3:00:00 AM11/19/99
Nice angle John... wonder if his train will stop at your
station. Hope so. He is supposedly a very generous person.
Its about time someone with money came along and actually
made a difference for the common people.(paupers)
Good luck... unfortunately you may be in a long line up.
and thats everyones bad fortune
: In article <810n2m$t...@freenet-news.carleton.ca>,


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