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John Turmel

Jul 8, 1999, 3:00:00 AM7/8/99

>Date: Tue Jul 6 11:42:17 1999
>From: lwh...@NiagaraNet.npiec.on.ca ("Lorne WHITE")
>Subject: Re: TURMEL: LETS urls
>To: TUR...@freenet.carleton.ca
>Hello John:
>I'm impressed to receive e-mail from JCT [presume this stands for
>"Jesus Christ Too/Two". John 14:12. Had already found and read your
>"Christ's Differential Equation" idea: quite stimulating & it makes
>a lot of sense. I've often wondered what Jesus of Nazareth' real
>message(s) was(were) before organised religion took charge.
JCT: Jesus said: "When you pray to the father, here is what you
"Our Father... Forgive us our debts as we forgive us our debtors."
Christ had good news for the poor. Forgive us our trespasses is
good news for all. Forgive us our debts is good news for the poor, not
the creditors.

>After looking at your URLs, will be writing back to ask you to
>elaborate on some of my questions below, esp. the one on how the
>Credit Committee works. We need to be ready to answer this question
>as we approach small business (they are already starting to ask us
>this when we discuss the concept of LETS, and we aren't even trying
>to actively recruit them, because we don't have LETS Barter Niagara
>fully created). Where can I talk to an actual Credit Committee to
>hear of their successes and failures?
JCT: Use an Hour standard worth $12 Canadian dollars. Set a
credit limit for a couple of weeks or months work for people and more
for businesses. Use paper notes. Issue enough so they don't have to
come back to the bank for quite a while.

>Has anyone tried having NCR-duplicate "LETScheques" for members?
JCT: Checks have a velocity of 1. Notes have a velocity > 50 with
commensurately less accounting to do.

>After writing the transaction, they could be called or faxed in to
>LETScentral to be entered in accounts, and should be just about as
>simple as cash/cheques for businesses/people to handle. We could
>likely get a large printing made up much more cheaply than we all pay
>now for BANKcheques, and then hand-stamp the LETSaccount# on them.
>For most people, a book of 25 would last a year.... They could also be
>easily carried by people in purse or pocket. Lorne WHITE,
>2122 Pinecrest Lane W. PORT COLBORNE, ON, CANADA, L3K 5V3 905/835-5506
JCT: Businesses prefer to deal with paper money, not checks or
telephonic transactions. All the most successful LETS at getting
businesses use paper local currency. So print local currency to appeal
to merchants. Ithaca, New York, has hundreds of businesses because
they use currency businesses are used to. LETS which do not use
currency and use checks or telephonic transfers have little success
enticing businesses.
Please join and then send future correspondence to
le...@onelist.com listserv so all get the benefit of the discussion.
John C. "The Engineer" Turmel, Founder, Abolitionist Party of Canada
915-2045 Carling Ave., Ottawa, K2A 1G5, Tel/Fax: 613-728-2196
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