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TURMEL: Is LETS the answer?

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John Turmel

Oct 20, 1999, 3:00:00 AM10/20/99

Is LETS the answer? help clear a disagreement

>Date: Mon Oct 18 05:06:54 1999
>From: (SA New Economics Foundation)
>I am asserting, to all who will hear, that the problem of our debt
>based, bank dominated economic system, can best be dealt with by
>creating LETS LETS LETS!! I am saying that if people realise that
>they can produce their own currency, and function with out total
>dependency on the formal conventional system, they will come to
>the challenge right of central banks and others to control their
>lives. I am saying that LETS can force banks and others to change
>what they do.
>I am drawing on the arguments of some in our organisation, and, as I
>say, there are others who just disagree with these arguments. Their
>position is that we should rather work to correct the flaws in the
>formal system than create something to partly or wholly replace it.
JCT: For 20 years, I have worked at correcting the present system
by reprogramming the malfunctioning banking system to operate without
interest, therefore with the LETS software.
While we fight to fix the global system, we can still build our
own little systems which do not malfunction.
So there's no problem with both starting up your own lifeboat
while working to correct the malfunctioning main ship. They are not
mutually exclusive options. They are complementary. Using LETS on the
local level demonstrates how the national and international levels
could function perfectly too.

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