TURMEL: The "No Choice" TOES99 #2

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John Turmel

Jun 15, 1999, 3:00:00 AM6/15/99

>Date: Tue Jun 15 02:38:52 1999
>From: mitche...@mindspring.com (Mitchel Cohen)
>To: j18dis...@gn.apc.org (Multiple recipients of list)
>Unless I'm missing something that our German TOES friends are not
>communicating properly, there is a need to stop begging them for
>space and to TAKE IT.
JCT: That's what I intend to do. With 2 rooms free on the second
day, there shouldn't be any problem getting a Local Currency Panel
organized. Unless they lock the doors and won't give me a key.

>I guess I don't understand this "civility" which borders on
>subservience. You arrange your panel, you go, and you "appropriate"
>the space.
JCT: It's the first time anyone ever suggested that I was
subservient. Usually I'm accused of being to confrontational.
Confrontationally civil, sure, but never subservient. I think the very
fact that I'm going to "appropriate" the free space should indicate
that I'm not subservient though I'm pleased my protest has been deemed
civil, so far.

>They don't like it they can call the cops. And you have to be firm
>and stand your ground.
JCT: Believe me, I will. You just have to read the many times I
took the podium during elections when I was not invited to a debate
and made them forcibly remove me with police to understand that this
is one of my tried-and-true tactics. Many undemocratic meetings have
been shamed by reporting on the police removal of an excluded

>How is it that the schedule is controlled by a committee solely of
>the host country (am I right about that?) and not a more
>international, elected -- and thereby accountable -- body?
JCT: I just think that it fell into their hands and they just
wanted to make it as "elite" a forum as they could which meant
"weeding" out those they did not prefer speaking. Though there's no
provision in the TOES organizational rules for the host nation's total
control of the agenda, the power just fell to those who were there to
pick up and they abused it. A sadly natural human reaction to wanting
to host a good party. They've simply taken their hosting
responsibility too far.

>How easily we step into shoes we once strove to overthrow. Witness
>the leadership of the German Greens on the bombardment of Yugoslavia.
JCT: It doesn't mean that this is usual TOES procedure. As Trent
Schroyer pointed out, TOES has always been an open forum in the past
and this kind of censorship is something new. I'd bet TOES will again
be an open forum in Japan in 2000 if Trent Schroyer has anythinig to
do about it.

>Apparently, we need a "new" new left... Anyway, good luck.
>Mitchel Cohen, Red Balloon Collective and
>Green Party of NY, Greens / Green Party USA
>Join the Greens / Green Party USA, Change the World, Save the Earth.
>Call (978) 682-4353 or E-mail: gp...@igc.org
JCT: Thanks and stay tuned for my reports on what happens at the
TOES and my upcoming European LETS tour.
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