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The NC Rando Cyclists Google Group is for those that are interested in randonneuring in North Carolina with other bicyclists who enjoy distance cycling and randonneuring. New bicycling enthusiastic members are always welcome.

Individuals are responsible for the contents of their posts.

Please use family rated language in your post!

Keep in mind that to participate in events, the rider must meet all membership and rule requirements for the event that they wish to participate in whether it be riding or volunteering

You can use it to keep in touch, schedule rides as well as share news and experiences. 

This list may be used to post events, dates, locations, directions, course descriptions, schedules, categories, entry limits, distances/times, contacts, links to registration, etc.

Cycling related items may also be posted for sale by individuals.
Please do not post commercial adds!!!!!! Violators of this guideline may be removed from the list, have their post moderated or may not be allowed to post.

The individual who is posting items and/or discussion is responsible for the contents of their posting to this list.

Please limit discussion and opinions to short comments. Also please use family rated language & photos in your post!